Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I bet you guys want to know what happened with the love triangle saga? Well, cos i'm nice like that. I will tell you...... but not now, in August or September maybe. Definitely before the year runs out. The story is still unfolding. Oh, guess who decided to pop back in the picture? Mr. Man. I'm not having that at all. He had his chance(s) and he blew it. His puppy act is not going to cut it. He's not fooling me with that crap especially since i have seen him at his worst and trust me when i say it's not pretty. One of my friends told me at that time "If you marry that one, na cry you go dey cry everyday" and i totally agree with her.

Heartless motherfucker. I really don't understand guys. The dude had me eating out of the palm of his hand, i was his little bitch. As my friend said, he had my mumu button. (it took me a minute to figure that one out. I've been away from naija for too long) Well, the mumu button don malfunction. E no dey work again. Now that i have finally moved on, after listening to T.D Jakes Let it go like 100 times over the course of 3 days, he now wants me back? God forbid bad thing. If dem send you come, tell dem say i no dey house. Somebody please help me understand this person.

Favorite picture of the week. My 10 month old niece/god daughter. I can't wait to see her next month. She has 2 teeth now. They grow so fast.


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  2. Haha @ mumu button. I support! Onward ever, backward never.

  3. Just be careful with the men.Are you from bini.

  4. @Ms. Fab: Yes o!
    @Harry: Thanks a bunch.
    @Andrea: Will be careful. Yes, i am from Benin, but not bini (from another Edo tribe sha. Was born and bred in Edo state

  5. I'm loving your resolve my dear!
    Taking your stand is something I admire in anyone who does it..
    Have fun o..
    Sense girl, keep hoarding the gist, you hear?
    Thank God say the battery for the mumu button don die, jump pass before dem buy new one oh.. Lol..


  7. My dia, better make sure the mumu button remains unrepairable. I am in the process of reclaiming mine and when I do, I'm dumping it in the middle of the Atlantic. May God not punish somebody's Papa. Lol.

    Your niece is adorable!

  8. @Ms. Nitty: I'm not o. Lia lai, u know how many bucket of tears i cried this year cos of this dude? God forbid, no be me.

    @Isha: LOL @ may God not punish somebody's papa. Amen o!

  9. demolish the damn mumu button, lol, phrase of the day men. your neice is Just cute, her formula must be mighty delish.

  10. hehehe lol@mumu button
    havent heard dat in a yl
    cute niece
    i love babies

  11. thats gys for you; they will have you were u think they want you and they will still mess up!

    Its amazing...only to want to come back when you are moving on

    A lot of them are more interested in the chase than the girl

  12. lol @ mumu button...

    been there b4....

    dnt u just feel good when they come back begging...abeg!

    pls kick him in the face and rub it in! mschew!

    ur niece is cute...


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