Thursday, July 1, 2010

Free therapy- Honesty Meme

I got these sentence stems from work today. They are used during group therapy sessions. I figured they would make a good meme to pass around. We haven't had those in a while on blogsville. Feel free to tag yourselves and pass it along.  So it works by you pretty much answering the question with complete honesty. It helps you explore your feeling and thoughts. Let's call this the Honest meme.
  1. Right now i'm feeling....overfed. Free chinese food does that to you. General Tso's chicken, yum! I'm also excited for the future.
  2. When i'm alone i feel....bored and restless sometimes, content at other times, depressed and lonely sometimes. It depends on what kind of day i'm having. I kind of like being alone but on my own terms.
  3. When i'm surrrounded by people i feel.....claustrophobic and withdraw into my shell. Unless i'm around family then i become a talkative that wants all the attention.
  4. One thing i hate is....lies
  5. One thing i really like about myself is ability to really care about people. I do give a shit :)
  6. When i'm feeling sad I...... want to be alone and feel sorry for myself but unfortunately, i really can't wallow in self pity like i would like to because i have a people around me who are supportive and really care about me. They won't even freaking let me feel sorry for myself, can you imagine ;)
  7. When i daydream it's usually don't want to know what i daydream about these days. Trust me, you really don't want to know.
  8. I'm afraid of.....failing and rats.
  9. I'm happiest when......when i feel in control of my life and things are in order the way i want them
  10. One thing that really worries me is .... how i am going to cope with my health issues while at school
  11. If i could change one thing about myself it would short fuse
  12. If i could be with anyone right now I would be with.....AK
  13. The family member i am closest to is........JR (my one and only brother)
  14. If i was really honest with my father I would tell him....In spite of everything i love him and i appreciate all he has done for me these last few years.
  15. One thing i regret about my life is ......I don't regret anything. I'm still learning.
  16. If i only had one more day to live I with my family and the people i love hanging out, gisting and laughing. We would take lots of pictures too.
  17. If i was really honest with my mother i would tell her.....I just want to take all the hurt away and make everything right
  18. One thing about me that nobody knows is......i really enjoy picking my nose. It's a nasty habit, but don't worry, i have good hand washing etiquette.
  19. I hope that someday in the future.....I will be happy doing the work that i love, with a good man and a couple of munchkins running around, spreading the blessings i have received.
  20. When i think about my family I feel.....depending on the day i could feel a headache coming on, frustrated, loved, hope, or blessed. My niece makes me smile every time i think of her.
  21. Something i'm really embarrassed about is......I can be a graceless klutz. I always find myself in embarrassing situations. I don't get embarrassed by much anymore.
  22. One thing about me i never want to change level of empathy and compassion i have for people.
  23. One thing i feel really proud of resilience and determination.
  24. Blogsville has helped me to.....explore my feelings
  25. One thing i like about blogsville is an outlet and a support system.
 I tag, Ms. Nitty Gritty, Myne Whitman, 2cute4u, miss.fab, Mwajim Al, Ego du Jour, Naked Sha, Lahlah and Doll. 


  1. I loved this! I am not going to wait to be tagged, just gonna do it!

  2. Thanks Taynement.... u r so welcome to do it.

  3. Awesome meme. I like it.

    Thanks for tagging me, Sting...I'll do mine!

  4. tnx STING for the tagging..will do that in my next post..just updated yesterday...your niece is really cute! that ur mama?...

  5. Interesting. First meme i'm reading in a long while. I particularly liked the way #1 set the tone for the rest :-)!!
    Have a great weekend.

  6. chinese?....was expecting cheesecake!
    liars even hate lies o!
    caring about people is a blessing
    pls tell me your daydreams..sensual?
    afraid of rats..nooooooooooooooo!
    short fuse?...anger huh?
    *grinning* was nice knowing you hope mine would be interesting also, can't wait to read naked sha meme...

  7. Interesting. Love reading meme.

  8. Some of the questions are too personal for me to do this. I sha pass.

  9. Ohhh I have been tagged. You know I love memes, will be getting to this soon. Thanks dear.

  10. aww thanks for the tag will go and work on it. lol #18 only you would reveal that you pick your nose, Naija Blog Award for personal blog holla! psstt: i like popping people's pimples you're good.

  11. Lol @ picking your nose. I have found a sister in you. Mine's always in private, as in I'll Walk into the bathroom if I have to. Amen to handwashing.

    Your is niece is too cute for words! No wonder she always makes u happy. Lol.

    Have a good weekend!

  12. This was really fun to read. DEAD @ #18 hahaha. I hate General Tso's. I think I must be the only person in the world who does. That baby is too adorable

  13. Madam thank you oo, I thank you so much for for giving me this homework, lol..
    I had so much fun reading..
    e jus be say small fear don dey fear catch me o, make e no be say, I be one small psycho..
    Have a fun filled weekend my dear..

  14. @ms. nitty: Cheesecake don do me bad thing. I have had one in the fridge for over a week, i never chop am. Yes that's my mama.

    Thanks everyone for doing the meme. It's been fun seeing it around.

  15. ah...i will like to do this meme but lemme let my last post simmer for a while...still awaiting more comments...LOL

    PS: you can privately tell me what you daydream about darling...common, whisper into my good ear *wink*

  16. Nice. Hope all is well.

    That little lady in the pic is precious!


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