Saturday, July 17, 2010


This is what i woke up saying " God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, he will never leave me nor forsake me" Hmmmm...... I wonder what that is about. I also dreamt Azazel called me, now that was weirder cos in the dream i thought it was weird too. The only other blogger i have dreamt of was Sugabelly, but i didn't mention it then cos i had no idea why i was dreaming what i dreamt about her.

Anyway, i am home in GA. Enjoying time with my family. My 10 month old niece (she will be 11 months on the 24th) took her first couple of steps on the floor the day i got home. She has been taking steps in her crib, but on the floor, she will take one step then sit. My mom was very excited. So now i hold her by one hand and she walks with me. I think she's fast sha. My mom said we should pray this morning, and she put her hands together until the prayer was over. It was so funny to see. She can blow kisses, hi-5, clap, wave bye and if u say show me ur teeth, she'll stick out her tongue.

So i went to Walmart yesterday, my new favorite thing to do is to go to the "ethnic" aisle. I like being surprised by what i can find. I ended up with some Octopus in olive oil, which i am excited to try today. Who knows, maybe after eating that i will be able to predict the future. Watch this space for future predictions. No, they will not be free. I will be rich, biatch!


  1. Octopus in olive oil? But you'll tell me my future sha.

    Your niece is so cute, aww...

  2. LMFAO...this post just cracked me up...fortune teller oshi...LOL

  3. lol.. lemme know how the octopus tastes

  4. lol....pls be sure to tell me when i'll make my first million

  5. hahaha
    the last statement cracked me up
    aww shes born on my bday
    she is truly special then :)

  6. lol amen to that! you'll be rich and blogsville a little richer lol. yup octopus in olive oil lol that doesnt seem nice. Amen, God will never leave you or forsake you

  7. ha! eat octopus??? i no fit o


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