Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gerber Graduate

Ever since i got home last week, i have become a Gerber graduate. Yes o. I have been eating my 11 month old niece's snacks. I even have a favorite sef...... Gerber graduate yogurt melts, the strawberry flavor. I put one in her mouth, and eat like 6 before she comes back for more. Yesterday, i didn't even bother feeding her, i just ate the whole pack. When my sister asked me to give the baby some, i was like.... it's gone. I'm shameless like that. Na to drink breast milk remain cos i taste everything she eats. Hey! I'm curious.

I still haven't eaten my Octopus in olive oil, for some reason i think it's going to taste like snail. I love snails, especially fried snails. I hope i'm not disappointed sha.

Moving to school on Sunday. I'm going to be making the 13hr drive with my dad.. I'm just enjoying the last few days of freedom as much as possible. Actual classes don't start until the 16th but there's a week of orientation to attend. I'm going to be skipping a good part of it even though i'm "supposed" to attend everything. Not going to happen. Orientation week last year was a blurrrrrrrrrrr............

I'm EXCITED about something that is happening next week. It's a secret so i can't tell. Shhhh........I'm excited sha. I pray it turns out to be a positive experience. Keeping my fingers crossed. I just might end up gisting u guys sha ;)


  1. Eating baby food???? Huh have u met my mum...lol..she just discovered gerber baby food too...calling me all excited talking abt...she didnt know it taste that good.

    chei 13 hrs...i dont envy u right now....my folks are 9 and half hrs away....havent seen dem in like 2 yrs...lol i dread that drive.

    Pray next wk turns out to be a wk of testimony for u. cheers!!!


  2. The only baby food I eat is cerelac! YUMMM!! Good luck with the move back to school. Please gist us na!

  3. I've always thought Cerelac was the ish. I dunno about those gerber things tho.

    I was thinking about you the other day actually, and wondering how u were feeling about heading back to school. I like that you still have a fighter's attitude to the coming year. I pray you have better stories to tell this time around. Amen!

    Have a safe trip, and an amazing year ahead. (Gist us about this excitement now...)

  4. lol dont know about the Gerber but I agree with isha about cerelac, that thing is solid!! lol Im praying with you!! it will be a positive experience and we'll rejoice with you!

  5. I eat baby food too, but havent tasted Gerber sha.

    It shall be positive in jesus name. Amen

  6. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you too. Gist us when you're ready.

  7. YAY to cerelac lovers! In my opinion we shld all go back to baby food *dreamy stare* (jk)

    goodluck as you start school.

  8. I steal baby food as well! I really do! LOL...all the best with school :)

  9. Baby food are u for real?

    i remeber stealing my lil brothers Nan milk when he was a baby
    but i have never really been a cereal person

    loving ur spirit

    have a blast at school
    and enjoy all d experiences
    13hours is not funny wont u guys break d journey?

    wateva it is, i hope it happens positively and i would be crossing my fingers for ur jist

  10. Happy for you..
    I have that habit too oh..God help me..
    Waiting for your gist..

  11. this is worse than cradle snatching...LOL...for what reason or group of reasons might my dad & I be going on a 13hour ride...no thanks

    @Ms.O...cerelac will make your poo stink really bad

  12. @Baroque- LMAO! well then
    I guess I have smelly poop..*shy face*


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