Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Life as a bum

Thanks everyone who left a comment on my last post. It's very much appreciated. I am exceedingly happy at this break. I came to this country at the end of Oct 2002, had a month to "adjust", started working Dec 2002 and this is the absolute first time i have never had to work since that time. Not only was i working full time, i was also going to school full time including summers. The summers i didn't take classes, i was working and studying for the blasted MCAT. So when i say i haven't a break before now, i really haven't.

No school, work, MCAT study?!!!! I'm in heaven. So what did my first day as a bum look like?
  • Woke up at 5.20am and took Lenie outside to do his business
  • Took my mom to work.
  • Got home and sat in front of the computer on blogger, facebook, hotmail, and televisionwithoutpity until 9am.
  • Got ready, walked Lenie from 10.30am until 11.15am. The sun was blazing hawt!!!! I managed to sweat my pretty hair out.
  • Went to get some forms printed at a friend's house. The three printers in my house have managed to give up the ghost somehow somehow.
  • Went to look for the hospital i need to go get my physicals done in. Fought with friend over directions. Has anyone heard of Isrealites journey???
  • Picked up my mom at 2.30pm.
  • Finally laid down to get some rest, as my eyes were about to close, got a call from the UK. 30 minutes of amebo.
  • Ate some boiled corn on the cob and groundnut, naija style.
  • Ate some more, can't remember what. Oh! I had a slice of my going away cheese cake. Absolutely the best.
  • Alright down to the business of bummery. This bed is so soft. Rain fell, finally we have some breeze.
  • Oya, get ur ass up let's go play tennis. Christ, brother!!!!!
  • Played tennis from 7pm -9pm. Whether i was playing tennis or the tennis was playing me is another story.
So that's how i spent the first day being a bum. I think it's hard to learn how to be a bum. I thought i would laze in bed all day and enjoy it, but i can't even stay in bed past 8am, if that. I'm sure i'll get the hang of it soon. I haven't given up. I must stay in bed until 2pm like i used to years and years ago.

P.S.I have updated my blogsville gist blog (with barely any gist), but rome wasn't built in a day, abi?
P.P.S If anyone is interested in joining fatbusters, now is the time. We are accepting new members at this point.

Ciao people.


  1. Ohh the days of being a Bum!! I miss it!

  2. and i just missed being first? not niice.
    enjoy ur break sweetie

  3. The tennis was playing you. I know the feeling. Try having terrible eye-hand coordination like some people I know... ahem!

  4. Ms.O, you seem to be the stalker of the moment. YAY! i have been working like everyday before 2002 but i have had endless days of being a bum (as you call it)...savour this moment(s) my dear stinger

  5. ok, i think i need to officially handover my bum manual! Enjoy every bit of this summer, like sleep for 6 months in advance :) lol

    like waking up at 5:20am just wont cut it! u should be gunning for 11am! LOL

  6. nice
    i miss corn n groundnut
    enjoy ur break sweetie

  7. This is a much needed break...

  8. hmmm i think your first day as a bum wasnt too bummy. we bums tend to wake up after 9am (on good days) not 5.30!! lol


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