Friday, June 26, 2009


Me: Brother, did u hear what happened to BIL?
Brother: Wetin concern me? In life you have to learn how to mind your business and keep your eyes on the prize.

Oh Snap! He told me!!!!

In the midst of my rambling about God knows what........
Brother to me: A si li ba ku te (Which means, you gossip to the point your mouth tore, I don't know how to write Igbo so sorry if i didn't spell it right). I burst out laughing because i haven't heard that phrase in ages.

My brother is a character, and i too like gist.

Farrah Fawett finally dies after her battle with anal cancer and instead of the universe to let her have her day, she was upstaged by Micheal Jackson. Now, at this point i have had it up to here with EVERYONE. Real life, blogger, facebook!!! Where was everyone when Micheal Jackson was turned into a punchline and been mocked as a pedophile. I didn't see anyone paying him tributes or interrupting my regularly scheduled programs to talk about him.

People make me sick and this just proves that human beings are hypocrites whether we like to admit it or not. You tear someone down, disgrace the poor man, basically drive him away from the country, but as soon as he expires he is becomes the best thing since sliced bread. My issue is not whether MJ is the best or not. Dude is a legend, i just hate how people can flip flop just cos the man is dead. I am sick of it.

Na so dem for do Britney Spears if to say she die.


  1. okwi na hun gi...ashiri gba ku te. LMFAO...i never knew you were Igbo...down to biz, you know people are like that, they are easily carried by the emotions & flighty fantasies, allow us joo. i the first on here? biko, kele nwa nne gi woke

  2. May the good Lord help us all. The mob is indeed fickle; and even the bible tells us of the heart of a man. Have an excellent weekend.

  3. that's life ohhh. but yeah it was shocking but i've already moved on. poor farrah, may she rest in peace.

  4. Sting, your Igbo is laughable.
    Farrah should also be celebrated not just that white-wannabe Jackson.
    Nuff said!

  5. So technically Asili gba ku te means Gossip that runs to go and meet [the recipients of the gossip I suppose]

    It's one of those phrases that has no real equivalent in English so I'll just let it be.

    I was never sure about the whole pedophile business. The truth is we never knew the details. I personally LOVED Michael Jackson (the black one) and his music.

    I felt sad that he could not accept that he was a Black person (I know everyone says he had Vitiligo - but even if he had vitiligo, his nose business was an obvious sign he didn't want to be Black).

    I feel sad that he's dead. I feel like he could have had an amazing comeback tour. I'm not judging him. We all have our demons and issues.

    I hope he's found peace.

  6. I am not sure I agree with you on MJ’s case dear Sting. Take me for example, I have always have issues accepting the colour of his skin after the operation and all but I missed MJ. I didn’t know I would feel this bad about him passing but I did. And this is from a sincere heart.

    So many people don’t know the truth about the pedophile allegation against MJ and no matter how we want to see him in good light, there are others that will find it hard to swallow that he is innocent or that he is framed. This issue you would agree was sensitive.

    Yes, MJ is legendary and that made him have the attention of everyone and he got criticized and blamed for his mistakes or got framed for what he did not do but I tell you one thing, this does not erase the fact that he was dearly loved by so many people and the crying over his death is not fake in so many quarters.

    When Abacha died in Nigeria, nobody pretended to be happy instead everyone was dancing and singing….


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