Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ideal man

Been thinking of marriage lately. If u knew me, u would know that is very unlike me. However, not less than 10 of my classmates have gotten married in the last 6 months. Let's not even talk about the ones that got married last year and are now having babies. So i guess it's inevitable that i somehow caught the bug. That's not to say i see myself getting married anytime soon.

I've always been against the idea of changing my last name if i get married. I feel like my name is such a huge part of my identity, so why should i be subjected to that trauma of reforming my identity. Hmmm.... not anymore o. I guess i just hadn't met the right person with the right name. Yes o! I have a very nice sounding last name, no way would i trade down. So i guess that's y i have been against the idea of changing my name. Like i said not anymore. :)

So I was asked today by this person whom i will change my name for if he asked, what my ideal man was. Couldn't come up with the answer right away. I guess besides the obvious i need to give it some more thought. I think everyone's ideal man would be different cos everyone is looking for different things in a relationship or if u've never experienced something (positive or negative) you wouldn't think to include or exclude a certain quality. I still haven't come up with all the qualities of my ideal man, that would be for another day when i have peace of mind to be thinking of such things. Until then, pple of blogsville, tell me what qualities u think is absolutely necessary in a life partner.


  1. Someone who loves me totally...

  2. A good heart. Someone innately good.

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  4. I'm very very easy to please. I love to laugh, so someone who genuinely makes me laugh, even without trying, has one foot in the door way already.

    Plus, I'm already the extroverted half of the couple, so someone who's not timid, and can 'control' me is very necessary.

    Love is very important, but it's not the only quality that's necessary.

  5. I like the line ' by the person whom I would change my name for, if he asked'
    Oh God I wish I knew this guy ( make he no slack o)....Our lady is in love o!

    Like you said ,every one would be looking for differnt things, and really is there an ideal person?
    I think its about loving the person you choose to be with (and we choose to be with people for diff reasons)
    Dont mind me, I am blabbing....
    Well, in an ideal world, my ideal man would be first very God fearing, very matured, very playful , highly intelligent, NO complexes whatsoever, very genrous, TDH , madly in love with me and rich too.

  6. someone who makes me laugh(not in the clowning around way), fears God......and loves me totally for who i am.

  7. Lol at you not changing your last name,just come to say hi,cheers

  8. What are you bringing to the union that he would want ou to take his name? You should bring what you seek in the relationship; but most of all "Man, love your wife, Woman, respect your husband".

  9. Someone who has my back, and will clear the kitchen now and then. Who makes me laugh and won't run at the sight of my large family.

  10. -A man after Gods heart, no woman should ever ever compromise on this, when he has God in the right priority, everything else falls into place including you, his career, his love and respect for you, how he will care for you.
    -A man with conviction, the way he treats or reacts to people, strangers etc
    -A honest man with integrity
    One that loves you despite your faults.
    -A man that can be tender with you yet tough when needed.
    -One that is worth changing your last name for :)

    Goodluck, pray and God will reveal just what you need to you

  11. A guy that loves me no matter what,
    a guy i will love no matter what, i guess that will take care of it, cos i can only love a guy that will respect me, and is generous funny and all that other stuff.

  12. well, I say respect is key. A partner that has no respect for you, will let you down tremendously whether he/she loves you or not.

    Just my two cents.

    How's school?


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