Monday, November 2, 2009

Lamentations II by Sting

About to soak my hands in warm water. I don't know if med school is for pple like me who like to scribble when we study aka tactile learners. At the rate am going, i will be crippled before i graduate. Carpel tunnel syndrome, anyone?

Forgive my short posts. I have no intention of really blogging. This is in lieu of me updating my status message on facebook. Still don't like twitter. Blogger continues to be my first and only love.

Oh, if i was going to update my facebook status, i would have said: Sting is questioning the efficacy of this fat free monster energy drink. I might have to switch back to my regular Monster assault.

Resolved not to be updating facebook status with "personal" stuff cos a friend made a snide comment about it on my birthday. She thinks she's sleek. Side eye to her, X10.


  1. its well girl....
    we all have be careful with facebook

  2. so much for online social networking...!

  3. Yup not loving facebook all that much myself right now. Try and massage your hands every evening before bed.


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