Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I don tire

Book don tire me. My eyes dey red, brain dey pain me, back dey pain me, the devo boring put on top. Still i dey there, i go dey there until i finish. If i no finish, i no go leave am. I no fit sleep again o, after i sleep yesterday like pesin wey get sleeping sickness. We just finish block 3 exam on Friday, u go think say person go fit rest, for where?!! The madness don start again O!. No be pesin tell me make i carry myself go Target go buy energy drink. Na so i see am o! Devo dey use my eye see pepper meanwhile class average for last exam na 87. Hmmm..... na me and u this blk 4 devo, i go pass u o. Na by force, u no get choice. I must be doctor, that one na by force too!

Oya o, my break don finish. I don go.

If u can't read pidgin english, pele. I did not feel like writing in english. This one don pass english matter. I had to go back to my roots.


  1. eyah.. pele... God pass dem!

    P.S.>> Pidgin theraqpy works.. try it again..

  2. That was a hard read for me! But i get you! sometimes it just help! Hand in there babe1

  3. In the end, you'll be smiling for sure.

  4. Say werrin?
    Class average na 87?
    My dear, na u go lead the pack.

    Hang on.

  5. pele dia! dem go run down! LOL

    It is well...


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