Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I call bull!

I saw this on cosmo magazine - Magic numbers to remember. According to the U.S Airforce you can only survive

3 minutes without air.
3 hours without shelter in extreme conditions.
3 days without water.
3 weeks without food.
3 months without companionship or love.

I agree with four out of five, but what the hell do they mean by you can only survive 3 months without companionship or love. I call bull on that one. I'm not even sure i understand what they mean by that. Are they talking of complete isolation from human contact? What about people on death row that are locked up 23 hrs a day and only get to go out an hour everyday without interacting with anyone? I think these people just make stuff up. Makes no sense to me. What do u guys think?


  1. FIRST

    i'm with u jare
    i think they make it up

    but then again

    maybe it is human interaction and the deathrow people do have interaction with the guards that open the door and close it

    3 minutes without air but in men of honor robert deniro held it for 5 ooooooooo

  2. Hmm.. So would those men on deathrow mean they're in solitary confinement as well?
    Or they still have human contact for the one hour they comeout for?

  3. I think no 5 is true to an extent. Those inmates still get human contact for an hour. Some might count that as companionship.

    I think my first comment was meant for another page. Blogger goes crazy sometimes.

  4. by companionship i think they mean complete isolation from human contact...

    ...people on death row are not on solitary confinement oh, SC is penalty for offences for convicts during time...

    ...however, i dont think the 'not-surviving' is death, it might as well be madness

  5. I think i agree that they make stuff up...even 3 weeks without food, people have lasted longer...with some water anyway...mscheew!

  6. Excuse dem???3mins withour air?okay i hear.
    3hours w/out shelter in xtreme conditions.extreme has to be relative oh cos i think people survive in dis nigeria for more than 3hours
    3days without water.all those pips way dey fast dry fast for 7days nko?
    3weeks without food?hello???40days and 40night fast nko?
    3months w/out comp or love:this takes d price for i disagree!!!!
    i dont even know where to start my analysis from on dis one.lol

  7. Funny stuff to ponder on. 3 is a powerful number so it seems!

  8. Hmmmmmm don't know about the last one. What about hermits?

  9. I dont agree with #5 either. Others are scientifically proven but #5, this is according to what statistic?

  10. well, on #5, i think they mean being alone by urself. For three months. seeing no one at all, ahving no conversations. bt then, i am nt sure how accurate that is.

  11. I call bull too!!
    Just now i held my breath for 3 mins and 2 secs.
    okay i kid i kid..but i agree that it depends on what they mean by compianonship. do they mean friendship, human contact or what?
    Plus i wonder how they even compiled this info sef..hmm

  12. Somehow i dont believe the last one. Maybe if one is left on deserted island? But i think that person will go crazy rather than die..........


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