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Hey Everybody,

I'm in the process of looking for a place. I have seen a couple of places on craigslist but they don't allow dogs. Some allow cats but never dogs. Why are they hating on the doggies? Anyway, my school doesn't have student housing. It's a stand alone med school, meaning it doesn't have an undergrad institution attached to it. I heard there are houses within walking distance of the school, but i think i might have to actually go over to the state to look at places.

Anyhoo, my school provides a roommate questionaire which we have to answer and send back. Then they compile it and send to all students who are interested in looking for a roommate. I have never had a roommate b4 and spent some time debating if i should have one. After much consideration, i decided that ideally, i don't want one. However, at this point i want to keep all my options open just so i don't get stranded without a place to stay come August.

So one of the questions the questionaire has is, what qualities would u like in a roommate? Another one was, do u mind having your roommates boyfriend/girlfriend stay the night? My co-workers said i should put down that i don't want an outgoing person who always has friends over and with regards to the boyfriend/girlfriend issue i should say absolutely not to them spending the night. Isn't that a little extreme? They were speaking from experience though. They even said i should get someone who is single. Hmmm...... being single is not a permanent state, okay! What if they become booed up afterwards?

I know some of you have had roommates before, so i need help. What qualities should i look for? They is a space for more comments on the questionnaire, so i can write whatever. I'm really apprehensive about living with people i don't know from Adam, although i know it might turn out to be a great experience. My sister had roommates in college. It started out pretty good, then it turned to a horror story. I don't want to deal with that AT ALL.

Share ur roommate stories, advice, tips, whatever. Thanks.


  1. before now (in undergrad), i had always roomed with my close friends, so no drama. i also used to have my bf come over pretty often, and they didnt seem to mind cos we never stepped in their territory.

    now i'm rooming with a "friend", and there's still no drama. one thing that i'd consider killing - ok, not so extreme, my roommate for is the bathroom. thankfully, we have separate bathrooms. if u have that option, i'd say go for it.

    going for a single roommate is not really realistic cos you're both adults. communication is key. just let your roommate know the things that'll tip u over eg.
    1. dishes in the sink
    2. dirty bathroom
    3. if ur bf stays over, potty train him ...blah blah

  2. thing wit room mates is that it can go both ways. In my case it did. I got a flat with two girls i vagely knew. One of them turned into a nightmare and the other will probably be my children's Godmother!

    Boyfriend palavar was one thing that we didnt discuss cuz when we moved in we didnt think it would be an issue. It was and at some point her Bf was in our place all the time as in virtually living there!
    I wounld'n necessariyl pick a single person cuz u never know how they will change when they get hooked up...dats what happened to me.
    I guess u should have a discussion about this from the onset and also about other things like parties, freinds over, loud musci e.t.c that you just can't stand.

    Like Dr B said communication is key!!

    I'm strangely so excited for you....makes me remeber my first year in med school whihc feels like it was ten years ago

  3. i wish i could help... Good luck with your search. hope everything works out

  4. Every one has said almost everythink I would love to put down. I deally I'll say don't have a roommate cuz you never really know someone until you live with them.

    My own story is different. With the past roomates I've had, I didn't have a good experience. I guess it was cuz I could really afford the payment and they were helping me out.

    On the real, COMMUNICATION is key. I'ld rather live with someone who knows a little about me but not everything about me. If I had to choose between a female and a male, I'ld choose a male....but then he has to be clean and wel groomed. I hope this helps. If I have any suggestion I'll let u know.

  5. My roommate has to be CLEAN and TIDY. These are key things I look for 'cos I can be pretty anal myself.
    I don't mind a boo'ed up roomie or one who lets her man spend the night as long as they are not disrespectful. I once roomed with an oyinbo babe who would have loud sex, very annoying.

  6. Great that you're looking for a place. Keep on keeping on.
    Like Lisa said - You don't really know anyone before you move in with them, and then it takes a while. So it's not that ideal to move in with someone you don't know, at the same time, if you're like me, living alone is a bit too lonely sometimes. But you have your dog and they are great companions.

    many people have already mentioned what I am going to say; i think the most important thing is to discuss EVERY thing BEFORE you move in together. Communication is the key like Lisa said. Tell each other your strengths and weaknesses and prepare each other. Make sure you agree on the most ground breaking rules - like how to keep the common ground. I am neat and tidy and I once lived with the twin sister of my best friend it turned out to be a disaster. She didn't care about anything and the whole burden was left on me. She left used tampons on the sink in the bathrooM!!!!All until one day, she surprisingly bailed out and left me to pay the rent alone.
    Anyways, my advice is, think thoroughly about what you are like to live with and what your minimum needs from a room made would be, discuss and make some agreements beforehand.

  7. As long as your roomie understands and respects the concept of boundaries, everything else can fall into place. Oh, a super dirty roommate probably wouldn't work either, huh?

    goodluck oh!

  8. the roommate thing is a big issue!bf's over and cleanliness!!you should know a bit about before u move in and vice versa!good luck tho!
    thanks for stopping by mine!

  9. Had roommates during my undergrad. 4rm experience I'll say its better to add that you dont want pple sleeping over, just as a precaution.

    Cos if you dont say that you can virtually have pple sleeping over everyday.

    & with the boyfriends, I wont even go there. cos i can listen to groaning noise all night.

  10. any room mate will do as long as she is not your friend from inception…you guys will become friends as long as you live together…its inevitable…the best way to preserve friendship is not to room with your friend

  11. I'm kinda special as in, i can't do room mates. House mates, fine, you have your room, i have mine, we share a convinience, if your bf decided to live with you in ur room, that is your bizness.

    Goodluck sha. Hope it all works out well for you.

  12. Mizchif, roommates= Housemates. Well, in most cases.

  13. First time i travelled away from home to school, was apprehensive about room mates too and i wanted single room, especially after I had heard stories from my friends about their room mates. some family members advised me to take a room mate cos of the advantages; you are new, room mate is new....From experience, the thing about room mate is that everyone goes with the dice you rolled. If you tolerate something from time, everybody goes with the flow. That you said you dont want an outgoing person doesnt mean they wouldnt give you one.

  14. I wish I could have helped here. just concerned that you dont have place for your dog.


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