Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm the decider!

Are u people sure i'm mentally okay? I'm not sure about myself anymore oh! I've been feeling sick all day. I have a headache, sore throat and my body aches all over. I'm about to have a cold or something plus i've been hungry all day like i have tape worm in my belly cos i've been eating since i woke up this morning. Anyhoo, so i'm sitting here feeling crappy, our research scientist comes in and asks me to do something but i have to wait for her to give me a final decision before i do anything. I illegally start browsing and stumbled on this information online that completely tickles my ego. I didn't know i was an egomaniac before today oh! See as my head just dey swell. I automatically felt so much better (the sickness don return now sha!). I bet u want to know what i saw? Amebo, i'm not telling.

I've decided! I'm going to chill on this blog until further notice. I can't be running back and forth like a headless chicken (i've seen one of those, that is some scary shit!). It just gets annoying when i can't talk about some things i really want to. I'm still going to start another blog about my med school experiences if i think it's worth talking about. I'm not going to talk about boring med school lecture stuff, it will be more about how i adjust to moving and all that jazz. Four more months. Can't wait!

Since i'm the original decider, i've also decided that I'm taking Lenie with me. I have been contemplating leaving him at home. My mom wanted me to leave him at home until one day when he pooped in the bathroom and she had to clean it cos i wasn't home. She was so pissed at me. The next day, when i mentioned that i was thinking of taking him with me, she said i should take it, so that was kinda decided for me sha! Besides my sister hates him around her and i don't think anyone is going to walk him and all that stuff if i'm not there. No one loves him like i do, he's my number one little puppy.

He was coughing and itching really bad last week, i had to take him to the vet and ended up paying $204 for the little twerp. His cough was due to allergies and it stopped a day after cos they gave him a shot. I paid $100 for that shot and this ointment they gave me for his eyes (he has eye issues), the rest of the money was spent on his heartworm medication which doubles as a flea and tick medication. I went to only to find out that the vet severely overcharged me for the ointment and the heartworm medication. Ointment only cost $9.99 online but the vet sold it to me for $26. The heartworm/flea and tick medication (revolution) which was sold for $100.00 costs $86.00 online. Dude is just a crook.

P.s. Whoever invented ear plugs should be given a nobel peace prize! I slept like a baby yesterday with my pink "sleep like a princess" earplugs that i got yesterday. I can do this!

P.P.S Ladies, would you be jealous or have a problem if your boyfriend has a female best friend? Serious question!


  1. I'm on phayeahhhhhhhhh!!!
    Good to know u have decided to chill.

    As for u and Lenie...$204 4 nkita kwa! Notin wey person no go see 4 dis obodo oyibo. It is not a wonder that i do not have any pets!

  2. Hey darling, please take your vitamin C and don't let a cold knock you down.

    I'm glad you've decided to chill... Like you said, YOU are the decider and anybody else can just go off themselves. :)

    My guy has( or had) a female best friend... I told him that she seemed so "perfect" because she had the jones for him... And he didn't want to believe me... until she came out with it. That's the reason why they are no longer close friends. In general, I don't mind though I can understand how it can happen (my best friend is a guy)...

    How will you deal with Lenie while studying like crazy?

  3. It could be the flu, sting
    Takiing Lenie can be a good thing if you are gonna be living alone

    uhh, i am undecided about gf/bf especially as it could be a month old relationship, but i dont recommend husband/wife having betfriend of the opposite might work for onyibo, not for us naija

  4. I think Lenie will be good stress relief during those crazy times in first year! He'll be so happy to be with his 'mummy'.

    Awww, doggie allergies! Poor thing. Sorry for the crookery at the vet's office. They do it because they can get away with it, alas!

    And yay for keeping the blog going!

    I'd be leery of guy/girl best friends, but only because I've never come across any where one person (usually the girl) didn't secretly like the other.

  5. @ ur pps...

    wld only be jealous if i c any flirtatious behavior. And i know one wen i c one. I have a male bff, and i know there r time wen play can turn into something else...

    am ranting... female best

  6. You payed 204 bucks? wow. Didn't know pets were that expensive.

    Femal BFs. Not a good idea. Men and women have been known to hook up when left around each other long enough.

  7. female best friend while i am there? story!
    I cannot sleep well with ear plugs on

  8. wow a puppy

    about the bf being female
    yeah i guess it is okay for a while but i would like to believe the longer we are together the less she is his bf, at some point in the future i should be the person he tells everything to

    if not
    what in the world are we doing together

    so yeah the first yeah i guess it is okay but sometime after that ...

  9. Sorry dear...please hope you are feeling better today...

    I wont mind ur med school experiences...let me know what I am missing by deciding to take a different career path...

    Wow! didnt think about the earplugs (maybe becos I'll fear they will fall into my ear drum when I am asleep)

    BF has a female best friend? Best friends of opposite gender get married eventually or hang on to each other if they marry someone else. I can't imagine my man sharing secrets with someone else while I am left to do the washing up, cleaning up and servicing(s)...

  10. ok, Ms Decider. Let's see how that goes. I'm not mocking you o. Just saying...

    Lol. Hope you're doing well.

  11. why do u hate your mother and your youngest silbling


  12. wow...thats is serious money for a dog oh...I will wit till I get to naija b4 I get one..

    Naa wouldn't be jealouse if b4 has a female best friend cos he still chose to have me as his woman didn't he?

  13. Sorry about the cold...see why i don't have a pet?? lol

    Why would my mr or boyfriend or whoever have a best female way men! NO WAY!

  14. Best gini...
    Then what am I suppose to be to him?
    Whatever they share,ends when I get on board cos this so call best friend sometimes have crush on their is a NO for me..
    Meanwhile..How re u feeling now..hope better. That ur pet dey chop money..$204..just like dat?

  15. girl as best friend? Mba ooo! That is a taboo in my village.

    LOL @ being a headless chicken. Ndo ooo.

    So you still have Ikemefuna? Abeg donate him to point & kill restaurant make pesin chop pepper soup.

  16. Is Lenie a girl or a boy? Either way pets are high maintenance.

    @ da bf/gf question, like my mom always says : as long as you're in an intimate relationship, your partner becomes your best friend. So in conclusion if my guy had a best friend(girl) before I met him, then he'll have to compromise. It's either her or me. That's why I'ld rather be friends with a guy before I date the long run they become ur bestfriend.

  17. oh yeah....please tell us ur stories about med school. I'm one in the making.


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