Thursday, April 16, 2009

Interview thursday

My interview with Standtall went up today. I think i might have talked a little too much cos my responses were a bit long. Hope u guys find it interesting. I didn't read it again cos it was just too weird. Oya, support me oh!


  1. lol
    i'm trying to read it
    but being that you posted this post
    i had to read this one

    so yeah
    it is your fault oooooooo if i don't read it

  2. just read the interview! great job:-) Your responses weren't too long...
    Didn't know you work in an obesity research lab...that sounds interesting! So excited for you about starting med school in the fall:-)

  3. doin ok...

    off to read!

  4. the responses were not too long. med school huh? goodluck with that!

  5. i think ur responses were just perfect..great interview..


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