Monday, July 11, 2011

30 Day Challenge:Day 15 - Your Zodiac Sign and If You Think it fits your Personality

In case you didn't know by now (and i would be really worried about you if you didn't), I am a scorpio. It's written all over this blog. Born oct 29 sometime in the 1960's :)

What are scorpio's known for? I don't know jor and right now i'm too lazy to look it up. My sister just gave me her homework to help her with. I need to find the causes of cyclothymia and make a powerpoint of it and it's due on Wednesday.

So yeah, i'm a scorpio and from what i've read about scorpios in the past, i think it fits my personality.

And that my friends is all she wrote!


  1. LOL!! you're really tired of this challenge haha

    Adiya (formerly The Corner Shop)

  2. You are bored with this meme.. a typical trait of scorpios, they like adventure & variety..i know becox my brother is one....& he has a temper!

    Well, am capricorn...& yes, i believe what it says about my personality.

  3. @Ibhade: lol @ he has a temper! I have one too and yes i'm bored with it. I've reached my limit.

  4. lol!!! 30 days?? I imagine! A blogger like me wld tire on day 4!

  5. Your boredom speaks out loud in this post.

  6. Hi scuse me for sounding a lil ignorant but am new on the block and I wondering what on earth are you supposed to be doing in this challenge?

  7. Madame Scorpio, you take style sting us with the post. so ya it fits lol
    I am a Capricorn and I feel I am as stubborn as a goat..somtimes..

  8. Yay scorpios, though I think I've recently been downgraded by a new zodiac chart that came out last year or so.

  9. @Gospel Girl: Check out this page for details of the challenge here

    @Myne: Are u going to accept that craziness?

  10. Im a Libra Sign and I must fits me to a Tee!


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