Monday, July 25, 2011

Break Time

When little things that shouldn't matter start to matter
When the gods of irrationality start to trump the gods of rationality
When it starts to become a crutch - a substitute for real life
When it gets real and uncomfortable and becomes really uncomfortable
When it becomes a two way mirror, where everyone can see me but i can't see anyone
When it becomes raw = vulnerable
When old hurts that never healed resurface
When i see you around blogsville and try not to remember what i never understood
When i start to fight the spirit of regret and wishes i never wished for
When i'm covered by the blanket of misery -mind over matter, mind over matter.
When i struggle to rise above the despair that threatens to eat me alive and HOPE!

(God forbid that this is a poem. It is not!)

Thank you Myne Whitman for asking after me and all the people who commented on that post asking if i was okay and thanks to Ladyguide and Baroque for asking about me on twitter and Olusimeon who asked after me on Skype (he is a much better friend to me than i am to him and i appreciate him. Muah muah. Stop blushing man! :)

* Even though i am not ready to come back on here, i decided to because this happens from time to time and i know i will get over it. The last time it happened, i pulled 385 posts off the blog and saved them as draft where they still reside till this date. It was either that or i delete the entire blog. This time i changed my template.
P.S I like my new template. I hope you do too. I need some light in my life.
P.P.S Hey Dammy Jewel and Etioye!!! Just because :)
P.P.P.S. I've been looking for trouble and i think i just found it  (:


  1. To be honest, you're one of my fav bloggers, maybe cos I'm scorpio too? I was already missing you:)

    Anyway, I don't know what happened but it will be good. HUGS

    ps, I love your new black on white, very light and readable.

  2. i like your new template, easier to read at work without being so obvious.

    It is well dearie

  3. Glad you decide to come back! Whatever it is, this too shall pass.


  4. I like your new template. It's refreshing. And it is a poem, whether you like it or not. I'm glad you're back.

  5. wow! Glad ur back. We missed u!

  6. Whatever it is, remember it's only a phase. The Lord is your strength....*hugs*

  7. I'm liking the new template
    It's much lighter and refreshing

    PS - Some unsolicited advice...(do ignore if surplus to requirement)
    I have encountered some serious challenges in life that I never though could possibly be overcome. With time, they were not only overcome, but they also seemed trivial in the face of new challenges.
    Stay strong.
    This will only make you stronger

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  9. Super glad to have u back, I saw ur comment on my blog and it was a sigh of relief, an Im like "I think she's back!"--Hehehhehe Weluuuuuucome!
    Yes nice template---very different!

  10. The new template is great. Come back soonest!

  11. I love the white template...white is the ish jor.

    e-hugs to you, enjoy the week.

  12. Hello Sunshine!!
    Hope you are alright..cosigning NIL. Take care alrit?!

    p.s. Of course that's a poem :)

  13. It's all good babe! Glad you're alright. Loving the new template

    Muse Origins (Creative Nigerian Features)
    Muse Origins

  14. I don't think you shld ever stop blogging ...especially now that I fell in love with this space...

    Lovely template...mine's still on the dark side...

  15. Yaaayy... She's Baaack!!! :-)

    Loving the New template. Really Simple..

    Just Keep Ur Head Up, Nd You'll Be Fine.. *Big Hug*

  16. Thanks everyone. This means a lot to me. Seriously.

  17. Don't let anyone run you outta 'town', chica. Keep doing what you do

    "This too shall pass"

  18. The template is bring light into your dark mood of recent huh? [i tease}....hope you are feeling much better hum?..take care.

  19. The template is nice and feels like a breath of fresh air. Its good you came back, I hope you get over whatever in time.


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