Sunday, July 3, 2011

30 Day Challenge : Day 7 - 5 Pet Peeves

I initially thought this was going to be a toughie until i started writing. The first one on the list is my numero uno pet peeve and i didn't even have to think about it.
  • People who mimic the "African" accent. This gets to me like you wouldn't believe. I don't care why the person is doing it, it comes off condescending and more often than not, they don't get the accent right and make us sound stupid instead. Even when Oprah did it once on her show, i was still pissed. No one gets a pass from me. When i first came to this country, i worked at my father's liquor store where 99% of the customers were African Americans and they did that to me a lot and not in a nice way. It was usually in a very mocking, condescending way like i was daft or something. So yeah, i know that's where my low tolerance and intense dislike of anyone mimicking the African accent comes from.

  • Food network chefs who mix food with their dirty rings on their fingers. Yes, i watch too much Food Network, i know. Down home with the Neely's - Gina, i'm calling you out!!! I don't know who eats the food that they cook after the show is done but i have a HUGE problem seeing her mix food with her fingers while having multiple rings on. You might wash your hands but did you sanitize the rings? It bothers me to no end. It's just not sanitary. Of course she's not the only one who does that but she's my number one offender and she's a serial offender too. Just disgusting. This is one of the reasons i'm not a huge fan of eating out because you never know the  conditions in which your food was prepared. I've even thought of emailing Food Network about that but my joblessness hasn't gotten to that level (yet).

  • People who use "your" instead of "you are". Unfortunately for me this is a common mistake but i'm still baffled that a lot of people cannot differentiate between the two.

  • People following a trend blindly regardless of whether it's appropriate for them or not. Reminds me of sheep. Nough said!

  • People who write text speak in emails or outside of texting . If you can write "yhu" you can definitely write "you". I don't get it and God knows i don't bother reading it. 

What is your number one pet peeve?

Shout out to visitor from Piazza, Liguri. I'm discovering all these cool places (in name at least)
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** Life really makes you know who your true friends are and when it comes down to it they are not many.  Look closely at the people you surround yourself with. When push comes to shove, are they going to have your back or are they going to be the ones shoving you? Just a thought.


    1. My main pet peeve is small minded people.
      I question - what gives a person the right to judge another.
      We are all fallible, weak and flawed.

    2. Your number two point makes so much sense.

    3. I think you should write the food network people. And its not joblessness. Just a public health concern, sic.
      Pet peeve, Males peeing anywhere beyond the 4 corners of a toilet. People who pretend. Oh yeah I hate that shortening of words. whats that?? hbd? abeg take it back. Sounds like an STD.

    4. I totally agree with #1 cause same thing used to happen to me....and I used to do the short texting(is this a word?)lol thingy until I didn't realize I was writing a whole sentence in it on one of my essays in class and that was when I decided to stop.

    5. Your last peeve is actually one of my first! People who don't spell right, even on twitter, piss me off!

      Muse Origins (formerly The Corner Shop)

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    7. I have major OCD issues with speech and writing. I'm /= am...arrrrgh!!!.You aren't paying for the space na... Doesn't help that I grew up with a journalist for a Dad.

      Where you hate people imitating the 'African' accent...I hate where people phoneticize unnecessarily...kildoe?! go just swallow grates on my ears and nerves to no end

      I have many others but these two take the icing

      In response to N.I.L, Is the judging question about this post or about judging in general. In regards to this post I don't think a peeve is just don't like it ni

      On a more general scale however...Nothing gives us the right o...


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