Friday, July 8, 2011

30 Day Challenge : Day 12 - Five guys you find attractive

I don't know if this calls for real life people or celebrities, so i'll do a mixture of both.

  • Real life boy A: If i believed in soulmates, then i would say he was mine, only we are not destined to be together in this life time. Maybe next life. 
  • Real life Boy B: Newest fine boy in my life, but i'm behaving myself. Nothing going on there. 
  • Tyson Beckford
  • Mario Lopez
  • XYZ, XYZ.....a number of names can take this spot but none is coming to mind. 
I need a nap. 


  1. LOL this is one challenge that I have been thinking hard to write, Im not coming up with any cuz I guess I thot it was referring to real life boys. But since I guess not, na to dey pay all the hott tv stars put 4 dia nah! LoooL

  2. hahahaha..u dey try...keep it up *thumbs up*

  3. hmmmmmm..... lets stick wid the celebrity....

    Sherma Moore, Djimo Hounsou, LL Cool J, ian somerhalder, Morris Chestnut, i can go on but i'll give it a rest here...

    have a fabulous weekend


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