Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sugabelly's Language Challenge

Sugabelly's Language Challenge by Nigerian Scorpio

Impartial panel of Judges...Yay or Nay to my Pidgin English? I say Yay, what say you?
*For the curious minds out there, Yes, i was eating when i started recording hence the weird sounds in the beginning.
*I'm supposed to provide a translation of what i said but i'm lazy right now. If you don't understand what i said and you want a translation, please let me know and i will do it :)

Rules for the challenge.
1. It DOES NOT MATTER how well you can speak your language. The goal is to speak regardless. So don't worry if you don't speak that well or you have to include lots of English words. ALL language levels are welcome.
2. Video posts or Audio posts are strongly preferred. This is because the point is to hear and enjoy the spoken language. Written posts are frowned upon but will be accepted too. ^_^
3. Please always provide a translation for your readers of other ethnicities! Translations should be in English and can be in the form of captions under a video post, or written transcripts for audio and written posts.
4. Please tag each participating post as - language challenge - and post the link here in the comments so I can link to it and make all of them easy to find.
5. Please encourage other Nigerian bloggers to post in Nigerian languages.


  1. \this sounds like so much fun. sucks that its only nigeria. anyway i will; be checking it out..

  2. You can join in. I would love to hear your language.

  3. Sting your audio post is not playing and when I clicked your Soundcloud link it says you have no tracks =( Are you sure you uploaded it properly?

  4. Oh sorry, it's working now.


  5. Hahaha...nice!
    I have never heard of Etsako for some reason...
    I thought it was only Esan and Bini that people from Edo state speak.
    now I know of another Nigerian!

  6. hehehehehh! Hi5 to my kwale sisteh! sO I shall attempt this, I feel like I speak pidgin better when I am talking to people, not alone but we'd see how it goes. Love it!

  7. OMG!! Your post is fantastic!! Ah!! Just listening to you with my eyes closed is like being in Nigeria.

    You speak pidgin very very well!!!


    Sorry for all the comments. Heheh

  8. yay u!

    You sound like my best friend. she is from Edo too but Benin. i think u guys rock pidgin!

    No need for translation now...even an american should be able to decipher it except for some words.

  9. Iphy... There are many other Edo languages like Ora, Akoko Edo, Owan, Okpameri etc etc.

    Gia: Hi5 girl! It was weird speaking pidgin to myself but it got better :). I want to hear yours.

    Sugabelly: Yes! Thanks. I take special pride in my pidgin english.

  10. Aseni: Edo no dey carry last. Your friend is bini. Benin is the name of the city and that's where i grew up which is why we sound alike. Cool, cool.

  11. @Sting: I've added your entry to the Language Challenge page on my blog and linked to it. I'll be grouping them according to language.

    Yay! This is so much fun!! I just listened to Aseni's entry and it's awesome!! Her Yoruba sounds so cool!!

    Totally jealous. I wish I spoke Yoruba too.

    And LOOOOL!!! At the people who will ask you why your children don't speak anything besides pidgin.

  12. OMG, my best friend is Etsako too and she's the only Etsako person I know lol. Learning new ethnic groups is fun :D

  13. Babes, gimme five. you be Naija confirmed!! That was hilarious and norrin do you joo.
    If na pidgin English you wan teach your pikin dem, carry go.

  14. LOL! you're so hilarious!

    Your pidgin is definitely a Yay, as you said "e gel well well"

  15. ooouuu this sounds like fun! I wanna do it! I bet you'd have never heard this one spoken!

  16. madam sting correct babe you sabi yan pidgin no shaking...anyway sha i'm loving this language challenge, Hilarious

  17. You sound nothing like I expected, but I loved your post! A lot of people forget that Nigerian Pidgin is a language too. And you're funny. Teach your kids pidgin o!

  18. HA! just read ALL the posts i had missed ....liked the PEEVES more.

  19. Nice. My liver go cut finish before I fit attempt am. I no say pidgin no sweet for my mouth at all. least, that's what I'm told.

  20. You represent B-side well well. You try

    Pidgin sweet sha. Me and my hubby na from Benin so na so so Pidgin we dey nak!

    All my pickin dey hear now. LOL

  21. Your pidgin over gell jare, no mind anybody wey no gree! LOL...

  22. This is really cool!!! :D

    PS. I've changed my blog url! I decided to keep the blog on Blogger after all. Check out the link: Sorry for the inconvenience X_x

    Muse Origins (formerly The Corner Shop)

  23. Lol 'Akhian' is not go in Edo; that's go in Esan or Ishan. But really good job for someone who hasn't been home in a long time...your pidgin gel nor be small, u too try, chop knuckle!

  24. OMG!!!
    loooove this
    hahahaha this na better pidgin
    i am def going in on this
    i cant speak bini but my pidgin is on point

  25. This one naa true talk, your pidgin english over gel. :D

  26. wow,your pidgin gel
    i wish i could speak it well like you o.

  27. DEAD. This is the best post EVER!!!! I have been on your blog for HOURS. Jet lag na die but reading your blog is literally like talking to you:-)

  28. Your pidgin gel jare. MeLikey!

  29. OMG! this is hilarious...your pidgin gel die and your story was very funny. I also have a friend from Etsako...


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