Wednesday, July 6, 2011

30 Day Challenge : Day 10 - Put your Music Player on Shuffle and Write the First Ten Songs that Play

  • Yori-yori - Bracket
  • Body Vibration - Plantashun Boys 
  • Good or Bad - J. Martins
  • Somebody wants to Die - M.I. ft Ice Prinz
  • Underrated - Id Cabasa
  • Happily Eva After - Exploits
  • Love's Theme - Malik Adounane 
  • Do Right - Mario ft Akon
  • I know you Like it - Wande Coal
  • Awe - Asa
20 more days of challenge left. Tomorrow, i get to talk about my family. Excited!

* Guys, i have to tell you how i embarrassed myself today. I'm the self proclaimed queen of making a fool of myself, i'm so used to it, I don't think i get really embarrased anymore. I just laugh at myself. Yesterday, i met a fellow naija school mate as i was driving out of the parking lot in school and she was driving out. I had my sunglasses on which the last time i checked is not supposed to hamper my vision, apparently it does. I see her mouthing something to me, and i rolled down my window and start yelling "I see you changed your car", I say it like twice and she doesn't seem to be comprehending, so i take off my glasses and see that it's someone else. Then she says "I was just trying to tell you i like your tag (i have a nigerian flag as my front tag) and i say oh! I'm not close to this chic at all, compared to the person i initially thot i was talking to, so it was very awkward.

Fast forward to today. I had to help my friend make a deposit at her bank, so since i was in a hurry, i didn't double check my appearance before i left. So i go to the bank finish my transaction. As i was leaving the bank, some dude who was coming in said "let me open the door for your beautiful self" then he gives me the once over. I'm feeling cool with myself. I then drove to target and bought some candy for my niece (i always go home with a bribe). As i was about to enter my car what do i see in the reflection of my window? On my T-shirt, the sticker that tells you the size of the shirt had been on the whole time, right in front, up top where everybody could see. LOL. I just had to laugh. I was like, no wonder the dude looked me up and down, he was probably thinking, look at this lunatic. Oh well, another day another story.

** Pls remember to vote for me in the Nigerian Blog Awards. 3 days left to vote.
*** I keep thinking about when i'm going to die. I've always been very conscious of death. I'm not necessarily afraid of it. I just wonder about it. I think i'm more afraid of someone very close to me dying. I'm not sure what's going on there.


  1. Your music player has a lot of Naija music... iLike.

    lol@ your tee worn inside-backside-out. I guess crap happens.

    I think it is okay to think about death cos it is inevitable abi since all of us must die.

  2. LoL at the embarrassing moment! And about death, I do think about it tho, its weird cuz I start feeling bad for the people that would miss me(family and friends), so its not the fact that i would die that hurts me, its more of the hurt/pain the others would go thru.
    Random but I have thot of this quite a lot.

  3. You're right you do love you some naija music, :)

    And your gist got me laughing, I would've been embarrassed too at the second scenario, and kept imagining how many people saw it, smh...

  4. Your challenge rocks, am feeling Yori Yori o, I play it all the time will vote for ya, congrat

  5. i love me some naija music and wow you have plantashun boys?!!!

    lmaaaoooo at the car moment...hahahahaha

    i'm really afraid about losing a loved one(family) and i think about my death in the rapture way like sometimes when i wake up in the morning and everywhere is sooo quite (i live alone) i rush out to check if everyone (my neighbours) is still

  6. Thinking about how death be abi?.. i NEED 2 talk to your musie ASAP..u need MFM prayer :D

    Embarrassing yourself?..hmm.. have a handshake sister..welcome to the club :)

    I like ringtone sef!

  7. Oh wow...those embarassing moments can only make you stronger lol...

  8. You wore your shirt inside out? lol/pele. dont worry random guy saw beyond that.

    lol at buying bribe for you niece. very Nigerian culture. Aunty buy me chin-chin.

  9. I wish i wore my shirt inside out. I had on a new t-shirt and the sticker was still on.


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