Monday, July 4, 2011

30 Day Challenge : Day 8 - What i ate today

This is an easy one. In my head, i always think i've eaten more than i've actually eaten. Anyway, here's what i chopulated today.

Breakfast (10.00am): Oatmeal, dried cranberries, almonds and very vanilla silk soymilk
12.00pm - A cup of juice (had some medication in it). I normally wouldn't drink juice.
Lunch (1.30pm) - Rice sticks (noodles) and Tilapia
Dinner  (4.30pm) - Kelloggs Cornflakes. Cereal for dinner, always a good thing.
Snack - (7.00pm) - A sweet, juicy pear.
 Throw in a couple bottles of water and you have all i ate today.

I still haven't packed but i've gotten it down to organized chaos in there. I'm finding it really difficult to decide what i need since i'll be away for 6 weeks. My mom said to bring everything just in case, the problem with that is space. I need space for when i'm coming back so i can bring back FOOD!!! Not necessarily cooked food, but there's lots of things i can't find here that i can easily get in Atlanta. I usually hit the huge farmer's market before i leave so i can stock up on stuff, my dried flavored cranberries, spices, pita bread, orange walnut cranberry bread plus my mom does a good job of hooking me up with cooked turkey etc etc.

I listened to my audio post over and i must say i sound like a nut case. I can't believe i burst out laughing like that. Are you guys sure i'm okay? My friends in Nigeria are surprised i still have my "intonations" down. I was singing a pidgin english song for my friend over skype yesterday and he was laughing and teasing me about it. He was like, i can't believe it's been 9 years and you still got it down. Well, I never necessarily wanted to lose my accent but i won't say i made a conscious effort to lose it or keep it. I'm too lazy for that. I open my mouth and what comes out is what you have to deal with although when i'm being serious my friends (in Nigeria) accuse me of having a different accent so i opt for not being serious and speaking pidgin, then they tease me that my accent hasn't changed and i sound like a market woman. You see how you can't please anyone?


  1. cheese?:D

  2. lol...i hardly eat cheese. I just like cheese cake and i haven't had that since February.

  3. Food of a champion!! i need to learn from you mehn!! LoL

  4. Err, that looks like breakfast for me on a very good day lol!
    Oh, I forgot, you are on a Go girl!

  5. lol...Ginger, i wish i was on a diet. I'm not. Never been on one. You should have seen me straight up eating peanut butter from the container today.


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