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30 Day Challenge : Day 6 - Your views on Mainstream music

Hello Bleeps (Bleeps is to blogger as Tweeps is to twitter. lol. I don't know where that came from but best believe i will be using it until someone gets irritated enough to wack me upside the head. Ha!) I had a weird dream last night. A girl was being sexually abused and i stood up for her against her abuser. Something i can actually do in real life. I'm just surprised i had that kind of dream in the first place.

On to today's challenge. This is actually a boring one if you ask me which might be why i decided to distract you guys with the preceding paragraph :) First off, what is mainstream music......let me do some googling :) According to Wiki, Mainstream music denotes music that is familiar and unthreatening to the masses,  for example popular music etc etc. Okay, now that i know what i'm being asked, i think the better question for me would have been, What's your views on Mainstream Nigerian music. 

95% of the songs i listen to are from Nigerian artistes. I kid you not and this has been this way for the last 9 years. I think it has to do with me wanting to start connected to Nigeria in whatever way i can and the music coming out of there is SICK these days. I love it so much. I try to keep up as best as i can but don't always succeed, hence the fact that i didn't hear Oleku until months after it was released. Favorite remix is the warri version by Yung Six.

I think we've come a long way from the days when it was just Plantashun Boys, Sunny Nneji, Eedris AbduKareem and co.. Even then i was feeling it. Now we have the loves of my music life 
  • Banky W. (He broke my heart with that picture he just released. He should put his hat back on), i love his sound, his style and his swag. 
  • MI (microphone magician), that dude bursts my head with his lyrics and i don't even like rap. He's the only rapper i can stand and i resisted at first until my friend forced me in 2009 to listen to Fast Girls. Dude is good. How does he come up with his line? 
  • Wande Coal: I used to say he would sing at my wedding. He made me start listening to D'banj, who i didn't like initially. Wande, please release another album, it's time. I still love you even though ur blingy looked kinda small in that picture :) J/k 
  • Tuface: I fell in love with this dude when he was still in Plantashun boys before his baby mama(s) days.  You can't help but love him though, he good at what he does. I'm glad he's done procreating with multiple women.
  • Styl Plus: I probably listened to Iya Basira 200x when it first came out. 
  • Bracket, P-Square, 9ice, Flavour, Timaya, Terry G etc etc. Love them all. Well, that's not true. There are some i can't stand and won't listen. My friend loves Naeto C. He raps and i don't really like rap except it's coming out of MI's mouth :) I think he's alright.
I think the music coming out of Nigeria these days is awesome possum. Videos are getting better, i continue to be impressed by what people are putting out these days. Lyrical content is alright, some of them make sense others don't :) As long as the beat is good and i'm entertained, then it's all good. I really like how they combine, english/ pidgin/ and nigerian languages in their songs. It seems the more pidgin a song has and the razzer the artist, the more i like them which explains my love for Terry G.

I'll share my most recent favorite video from Eldee. I think i first saw this video end of last year and i really liked it and kept re-watching it

I listened to this a lot when i was really stressed from school. Not sure why it helped me relax cos there's nothing relaxing about Terry G.

Who's your favorite Nigerian artiste? Put me in the loop, what am i missing?
*Thank God for youtube, and gidilounge music.

Shout out to visitor from Abuja, Federal Capital Territory. Muah!


  1. whoo hooo! I destroyed this Ota Mi song mehn! Love eeeit. These days im on Tuface(i'd be there), tiwa(love me love me) and Lami(ori mi wu).

  2. Ok, i'm out of the loop. Haven't heard any of the song. Off to you youtube.

  3. The new musician that's killing me - in a nice way is DIPO

    His track 'Be your man' is fantastic.

    Check out the video here:


  4. ah Dipo Dipo Dipo! Love him,

    Omawumi!!!! all her songs

    Tiwa's love me love me

    Jodie Kuchi kuchi

    Portharcourt boy...

    all these songs on repeat everyday

  5. Love M.I as well, he's the only Nigerian rapper I listen to. Also listen to Psquare, Dbanj, Tuface, Tiwa to name a few.


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