Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stuff - About my Trad Wedding

  • I spent 3 hours today washing black eye peas to make moi-moi. I was craving akara yesterday but since i have managed to gain 7lbs in a month and i have 2 more months of vacation, i decided to slow my roll and leave fried food alone, hence the switch to moi-moi. There's a faster way to get the skins of, by soaking and blending before washing, but i felt like doing it the hard way. I'm not doing anything else with my time so i didn't feel the need to rush. 
I made these last summer. They were crunchy and yummy. I still want some.
  • I was complaining about my weight gain and telling my friend my about my plans to lose weight this summer when she told me what happened to her. The little scenario in my previous post. She has a good 60-70lbs on me so i quickly shut up but not before i asked her if she was still talking to the dude. This was someone she just met in April when she went to Naija for her sister's wedding. She has refused to talk to him since that incident. 
  • So i decided to quit whining and do a fridge purge. I have been buying and eating crap since i got on holiday. Ice-cream, peanut butter, bacon, cookies, corn beef hash, etc etc These are things i usually don't eat. I try to be disciplined when i go grocery shopping because my philosophy is if it's not in the house you can't eat it. I don't think i have enough will power to resist macadamia nut white chocolate chic cookie (my favorite cookies), so i just don't buy it. Right as i was tossing perfectly good food out of my refrigerator, there was a program on OWN about poor families and this one family didn't have milk for their toddlers. I felt bad about wasting food for a second and rescued the 100 cal sandwich bread, but i had to let the others go. I thought long and hard about tossing my Hawaiian sweet rolls which has about 12 left (i bought the 24 rolls pack from Sam's) but i couldn't do it. I love those rolls. 
  • In recent posts i have asked "Where are all the good men?". The truth is, i know some good men. I think the question i should have asked is "Where are all the good men that i am attracted to and would like to date?" Maybe I'm the problem but i don't see how i can force myself to be into someone. It's hard. 
  • I've been watching The Office. I just got done with Season 2. Am i the only one who finds Micheal Scott annoying? He irritates me even though i know it's a show. I wouldn't be able to tolerate a boss like that in real life. 
  • I'm already freaking out about the boards (exam) that is a year away. My friend is studying to take it right now and she is not having fun at all (to say the least). I almost question my decision to become a doctor. It doesn't get easier. There's no light at the end of the tunnel. My tuition just went up to $43,000+ a year. I don't even want to think of how much i will be owing when I'm done. The whole process stresses me out. I feel like I've given my whole youth to the pursuit of medicine. I want to do something with my life other than go to med school and become a doctor. I can't even enjoy my break in peace without worrying about the boards, or if i should be volunteering or how bad am i hurting myself by not doing research this summer or how i can make myself more competitive so i can get into a good residency program. I'm starting to flip through First Aid and that's the last thing i want to do but i will get through it once this summer, then go over BRS Physiology since we all know about my Phys struggles. I tire.
  • What's the best way to get over a heartbreak? No, i am not heart broken and haven't been in the recent past. But i was talking to someone who has never been in a relationship and one of her complaints against life was that she has never even been heartbroken. I wanted to give her a backhand slap and them simultaneously punch her in the stomach, maybe that would give her a clue as to how it feels. Maybe a blow to the chest too would be in order. I think she's crazy. My Broken Heart post, remains my most popular post till date. I bet because people keep googling broken heart and hitting that page.
  • Personally, I don't think there is a quick fix to getting over a heart break. You can go out and party with your friends and all that but shey they will still leave you and go home? You just have to feel the pain, cry your eyes out, curl up in a fetal position and go through it all or bottle it all in. Whichever floats your boat. The only thing that works for me is time. Time makes it all better. It would be 3 months or it could be 6 months, it all depends on how hurt we were and how good you are at bouncing back. We are human beings and good at adapting. We wake up one day and it doesn't hurt so much, soon it's a thing of the past. Unless you are a psycho and can't let things go, then you are on your own. I can't help you.  
  • And that my friends, is all she wrote.  
  • Oh yeah, how did you guys like my title? I like it a lot :)


  1. yep thru me off for a bit here cos i came expecting wedding story but knowing i didnt see any "i have d ring" school doesnt sound fun o. i sha hope d salary afterwards eases d stress or at least d loans sha. nd is there a particular med field ur looking to go into like surgery or anesthesiology or gynacology (im just feeling hot with myself like i know wat im saying but u sha get d question :)

  2. good luck about the board exam! you can do it.

  3. Sting!!! there I was dancing Makosa when I saw the title... imagine my surprise as I kept reading the post. lol....
    7pounds? pere? lol....I am sure u will lose it all once the stress of school starts again.

  4. looool! love the title btw. don't worry about the weight. most people i know gain weight in med school and lose it while prep-in for their boards :)!

    I feel you on the broken heart post. The best way i dealt with that in the past was to give myself the same amount of time i was with the person to completely get over them. . .and it worked :)

    Please send me some akara :(

  5. LOL
    btw do u hv Ogi?? 4 ur moi-moi?

  6. traditional wedding???
    way to throw us off balance
    Goodluck with the board exams

    you are right! only thing that heals heartbreak is time

  7. Good luck with everything! Stop worrying about your weight! Really just stop. If you stop thinking about it, you may keep some stress weight off which may trigger some weight loss.

    Time heals all wounds.

  8. oh!!! the Hawaiian sweet rolls!! maynnnnnnn!! that thing is like the best thing ever! I always buy the 24 one and Im too ashamed to say how fast I finish it! LoL

  9. It looks yummy!

    Wish you all the best.
    I know you can do it on your exam.

  10. I should've known you were about to con us with that title, lol...

  11. lol @ ur title

    as 4 ur friend n dat!

    dont worry bout boards, u'll pass

  12. ha! always the tease! :D

  13. Bet when you were little you couldn't wait to grow up. Except no one told us that the further you get, the more you find you have to do.

    At least you know you're going somewhere so that's a good start. And from experience, i'd say try not to stress so much especially about things like your boards that are still far in the future. I know it's useless saying don't stress at all because you will but just try to control it.

    Chances are, the exams will come and go and you will pass but you'll never get back all the time you spent worrying. Just know that whatever happens, you'll make it somehow so make it a priority to also enjoy life on the way to your destination.

  14. Love The Office. It slowed down for me around Season 6 and season 7 was just 'okay'. Michael Scott is annoying but I'm sure you have noticed his oblivious, annoying nature is actually what makes The Office (US) funny. Same with The Office (UK) but I think the boss there (David Brent) was much more annoying if that is even possible!

  15. You are such a tease

    As I will always tell people who complain about weight issues...even my mom...Someone must die from something...better food than some terminal disease...Your akara pic made me salivate

    Med school will pay off in the worry...You're better than you give yourself credit for.

    Broken hearts...Hmmm...inspiration for a post you have given me....mwah!!!!

  16. I knew the post title was a hoax. hisss. no be you?

    About your board exams who wrote about cowards dying a million deaths??? okay o

    getting over a heartbreak is never easy but the best things I have done were deleting text messages, burning letters, cards all the silly memorabilia. It makes me realise that I am not taking that baggage into my next OR that if the fool that broke my heart comes back it is a fresh new start.


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