Sunday, June 26, 2011

The 30 day Challenge

I just found out about this from AnyaPosh's blog. I will be doing it starting tomorrow. You guys can do it too and encourage other people to join. So on each day, you write about the corresponding topic on the list.

My tolerance for people and nonsense is at an all time low. These days i just couldn't care less. Same old predictable bullshit. I was forced to go off on my good friend yesterday because he was being a condescending idiot and i wasn't having that from him or anybody. I'm just done with people. Too many disappointments from supposed friends, i've become so jaded and cynical. I don't trust anybody and i doubt anyone can do anything that will shock me. I don't expect the worst but i'm not surprised when people do stuff anymore.

In case you couldn't tell, i'm in a funky mood but this picture made me feel better for a minute. My sister put it on facebook today.
My 13 year old nephew. He is the sweetest kid you will ever meet. I begged him last summer not to change because they tend to grow out of the sweet phase, at least my 15 year old nephew did. He is funny, witty, has the greatest comebacks and you cannot be bored around him. His sisters get mad at me because i laugh at everything he does instead of disciplining him. Last time i saw him, he had a mohawk. That was his summer hair. Yeah, just thot i'd share the one bright spot of my day.

Anyway, join the challenge. Let's do this.


  1. I'm gonna try this...! maybe it'll help get my blogging mojo back :)

  2. it has been hard work doing this challenge, but fun all the same. good luck!

  3. just look at those dimples....he is a handsome wonder ...

    hmmm..the challenge? so i would plead the 'stress' factor..hehehehe...goodluck to you

  4. Do we have to do it everyday or are we allowed to do it every other day?

  5. hmm! goodluck, I look forward to reading.

  6. this is a challenging challenge for me and I think I am ready to give it all it takes....
    the good side in this challenge for me is that it will make me a better and a consistent blogger
    lets see how it goes...

  7. @Ibhade: Thanks. Funny i never noticed the dimples until this picture. My mom and baby niece also have dimples.

    @ilola: I'd say do it whenever you like. It's all for the fun of it.

    @omoba: I think it'll be fun.

  8. LoL thot that was a girl sef!
    This challenge is quite a CHALLENGE o! loL--I'd attempt it tho, but for sure I know I wont be consistent X_X

  9. Your family has good genes! After the April challenge, I'm not up for another one, lol...But this is nice, look forward to reading it on your blogs.

  10. eeyah that boy is fine oo. As for the 30days challenge, i am so kin to read, ride on with it

  11. This is a great idea especially since my mind seems to have gone on summer vacay. I think i'll do a modified version of it. By the time i'm done flexifying the rules though, it might not exactly be a 30-day challenge. I'll see how it goes.

  12. wow he is SOOOOOO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!


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