Thursday, June 30, 2011

30 Day Challenge : Day 4 - Bullet Your Whole Day

  • 8.36am - Woke up (in pain)
  • 9.30am - Ate breakfast: Oatmeal, Cranberries and Very Vanilla Soymilk (Breakfast of champions)
  • 10.00am - Decide to organize first year stuff on my computer in anticipation of prospective little sib. Got fall semester stuff done. 
  • 11.27am - Called the hospital and made an appointment to see my GI doc. I would insert smiley face but i'm seeing his FEMALE PA instead :( 
  • 12.00pm ish - Realize my trip is 5 days away instead of 6. Decide to do laundry and start packing
  • 12.30pm -Dragged my stuff to the laundry room but all the washers are occupied. Had the brilliant idea to leave my clothes in my storage space instead of dragging it back up 3 flights of stairs. 
  • 1pm - Made 2nd bowl of oatmeal and took a shower while it was cooling down
  • 1.36pm - Ate 2nd bowl of oatmeal. I really needed to eat and oatmeal was the easiest thing to make. 
  • 2pm - Went to Walmart to pick up a medication and got some Tilapia also. Was really tempted to get some caramel crunch popcorn but it was 160cal per serving and there were 7 servings in that box. Exercised some self control. 
  • 3.30 pm - Went back to the laundry. All the washers were still occupied by someone who refused to come transfer their clothes to the dryer. 
  • 3.41pm - Started watching The Office on my computer. Switched to Judge Judy on TV at 4p
  • 4.45pm - Made dinner. Fried eggs wrapped in soft taco and peanut butter and banana wrapped in taco and some medicated juice to go with that. 
  • 5.30pm - Back to watching The Office on my computer and Food Network on TV
  • 6.41pm - Got a text from a friend talking about studying. Realized i haven't studied in a week. 
  • 7.00pm - Went down to the laundry room and the washers were still occupied with the same clothes that were there 4 hours ago. I try not to be pissed. 
  • 7.30pm - Started studying First Aid - Biochem is bleh!
  • 8.30pm - Bored and in pain. Been in pain all week anyway. Decided to write this post, then it's back to studying. I have 10 pages to go tonight. 
  • The rest of the day will be spent watching TV (most likely food network) while relaxing on my recliner as usual. 
 As you can see, i do not live a very exciting life. I bored myself writing this but i signed up for the challenge and i will do it!

Shout out to visitor from Huddersfield, Kirklees.... You are actually a very frequent visitor to my blog.  You are welcome and thank you :) Where in God's name is Kirklees anyway? I bet it's in the UK. I should google it.

If you live in a apartment complex where everyone shares washers and dryers are you allowed to move someone's clothes out of the washer/dryer if it's done, especially if it's been sitting there for hours? Frankly, the thought of touching a strangers wet (or dry) clothes disgusts me. I don't care if it's just been washed.


  1. LoL!! If someone took mine out, I wont be happy sha. *sigh* I cant wait to do this challenge o, I should strt it next week hopefully. I just need to find others to join me. LoL

    Ahah r u doing weightloss? LoL--this ur breakfast nd serious breakfast of champions o. LoL

  2. This is how i usually eat when i'm in school. Don't worry the pounded yam and ogbono soup is going to start happening once i get home.

  3. Lol i used to do that in the apartments on campus,now that i live off campus i dnt even go near the laundary place i believe drama can start from there yeah im paranoid like that as for your breakfast for champions dsnt work for me so i signed up for boot camp lol :)

  4. Peanut butter and banana wrapped in a taco? Concoction

  5. @Prism: You should try it. It's good.

  6. hey Madame Sting. Nice blog you have, finally got to visit you on your page. I couldnt respond to your comment on my blog for technical reasons.Thank you for the compliment and i will be a frequent stinger from now on. Cheers.

  7. Lol, if you read your 'question' onece again, you will realize that you actually never asked any question. Please, reread and if possibly, 'reask'

  8. @My life: Boot camp, you say? Hmmm...

    @Honey: Thank hon :) I appreciate the blog loving.

    @ilola: What i did is actually a bad habit i have in real life. I asked a question then answered it. I re-read it and i think i asked a question which is pretty much, am i allowed to take out someone else clothes from the washer/dryer?

  9. You must be a patient person
    Lord knows I would have got my kitchen gloves and flung those clothes into a washing basket.

    Life is too short to have your time wasted by some yeye people *hisss*

    Re: Oatmeal...yum....
    As for peanut butter/banana taco...I have no words :)

  10. Good luck with this'll be interesting to see the variations...

    Enjoy your 4th of July...

  11. yay oatmeal!

    I don't blame you i would not go near some strangers clothes either wash or not

  12. @NIL: Don't knock it till u try it. It's really good. Try it on ur kids, i bet they would like it. I use chunky peanut butter. Yum!

    @Stella: Thanks and welcome to my blog.

    @Yellow Sisi: Yeah, i don't like the thought of that.


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