Thursday, June 2, 2011

I confess: Blogsville Edition

  • I don't like poems. I kinda hate them. You can blame my honors Irish literature professor for that. So if your blog is mostly poems, you can be sure i don't read it. I see poems and my eyes glaze over. Seye!!!! lol. The truth is if i can bring myself to start reading, then i usually find it tolerable but most times i can't. I have to admit that i have read a couple of Seye's that i thought were deep. 
  • Religious blogs. I can't do those either. Nothing deep, i just don't want to read those. If i'm looking for something religious to read, i tap into my Joel Osteen daily devotionals. I rather listen to his message though. I LOVE Joel Osteen. That man has been a blessing to my life. I can't say it enough.
  • Fiction on blogs: Another glaze over. I have read a couple of Myne stories and found them interesting but i can never keep up or follow through. I'm one of those weird people who need to settle down and read a book. That's why i have no interest in getting a kindle cos if i did, i would have fapped my brother's. Zero interest. 
  • Fashion bloggers: I find them interesting. Some of them are more interesting than others. Some of them are definitely more "interesting" than others. Na wa.You slap two rags together and all of a sudden you are stylish.....m'kay!
  • Music on blogs....seriously why? Especially those that are suffering from delayed reaction. I can't tell you how many times i have been shocked/startled by a music player that takes its sweet time to load and while i'm already engrossed in reading the blog, music comes blasting out from nowhere. Not cool. Thank God i don't have a bad heart, because that is just inviting a heart attack. Two blogs come to mind, but i won't mention names. 
  • Word verification: Blogger has spam detection these days and i think they do a pretty decent job. Why do you bloggers with word verification want to give lazy people like me extra work.? Some days, i just don't bother leaving comments. I don't feel like dealing with that everyday.
P.S I confess.....i might have a confession coming up soon ;) Guess
a) I'm having a baby
b) I found a Sugar Boy
c) I won the lottery......AGAIN
d) I'm really a mad woman from Soweto
e) I'm not a med student. I'm actually a student studying Agric in Uniben


  1. aren't romance novels fiction too? i thought u liked those!

  2. hmmmmmm....madam sting, STIRRING THE HORNET'S NEST hum? #wicked grin#

  3. Its as if i wrote this myself lol. cosign on it all. But i kinda like poems though- if they are good lol. A lot of people fancy themselves poets and...they just aren't.

  4. I wonder what your upcoming confession is? B or C

  5. lol@ studying agric in Uniben. All those pictures of books on your blog, sure cant be agric.

  6. This is some serious confession. You are going to make some people sad

  7. LOL
    You are really out to make some people sad.
    Your confession: C?

  8. i'l actually take won the lottery again. although i never knew you won a lottery in the first place.

    I feel you on the delayed reaction musical thing! SMH

  9. lool! not faair!! u can hate everything but dnt hate fiction naw *puppy dog eyes* lol
    I hate music on blogs, i dnt enoy reading religious blogs(but i read them if i stumble on them cos i feel guilty when i dont lol), poems are ok but most poems look the same so it has to really stand out.
    & my guess is that u won the lottery agsin!

  10. I'm glad you guys are even trying to pick between B or C. Why not D or E or even A? They are all possibilities.

    As for making people sad, maybe i'm slow this morning but i don't understand. Who would i be making sad? The poets or the pastors? lol or maybe the authors or fashonistas? (My punctuation is to die for. Kai!)

    The Authors should not be sad cos chances i will buy their books are pretty high ;)The truth is, i have limited time to read blogs when school is in session, i don't want to read fiction. I'm sorry. I'm here to get my amebo fix.

    @kitkat: I don't feel guilty for not reading religious blogs. I guess that makes me a Actually no, it doesn't. I don't think it means anything other than i'm not interested in reading about that at the moment.

  11. Cosign on the Music blogs. I really don't like it when the music comes blasting out from nowhere. Could one of the blogs which came to my mind be same as urs?lol

    Err B or C...

  12. I'm not keen on music on blogs especially the "time delayed ones".
    Okay i doubt if you are having a baby. You are most definitely a med student(some things just cannot be hidden!). You blog title says Nigerian Scorpio so you ain't from Soweto. I'll go for B!


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