Thursday, June 9, 2011

Where are all the good men?

a) In a hole somewhere in Africa
b)They are all gay and living in Atlanta/San Fransciso
c)They refused to leave Mars and currently reside there
d)They raptured on May 21st and are now all in heaven
e)There were never any good men

OMG....this heat! Not sexy at all. Seriously guys, what is going on? Everyday, one story of infidelity or the other. I'm tired of reading Linda Ikeji's blog which is been bombarded by tales of woe from Nigerian wives these days. Do single ladies like moi have any reason to want to get married at this point? If it's not cheating, it's abuse or maltreatment or lack of respect. Are there really any good men left and if there are, where the hell are they? Cos i know a number of people including yours truly who need one. Well, what i really need is a Sugarboy but that's a different post.


  1. you'll have what you believe:) i wonder where they are too sometimes.

  2. Most likely b)

    I was looking for a sugar daddy and ended up becoming a sugar momma! Ha! There are a few good ones left but they are so hard to find. I took me a long time and one dud marriage to realize the successful/type A guys I liked were really narcissistic assholes. Then I unexpectedly met my sweet younger husband (who I would have hated, had I met him earlier in life). :)

    I hope you find your sugarboy!

  3. i support amy comment i would not like to meet my husband at a younger age he would def not be my type which then leads me to say the good ones come in good time....if they come too early it wont work if they come too gonna be wrong...but hey i guess thats weird comin from me writing on my blog that ny husband was messing around with the ex...but i personally think cheating spouses or not good husbands are defined in different ways and come in different ways into our lives...the good lies within which most of the times isnt obvious instantly that he/she is good...some bad boys turn good because they have found the rite upfront they may appear bad but really theres good within...i guess the womans job is to see thru all of both men and women have a picture we want to portray but thats not necessarily our real hate to think all this typin and ure like wth is barefeet on

  4. buhahahahhahah!!! u go fear question naw! Well if we had to do "find d ansa by process of elimination", then c, d and b would be taken out. Leaving us with a and e. LooL but on the realz tho, I can understand the question coming up seeing all that is going on but stil.......dem dey!
    Shine ur eyes my dear.

  5. duude, it's definitely C! they reside in frickin Mars!

  6. or maybe they just never existed.

  7. All of the above till proven otherwise :)

  8. I'm so obessed with Africa. Thanks for mentioning that blog.

  9. I know what you mean...the rate of divorces these days is alarming...almost all caused by a cheating spouse, domestic violence/abuse, etc.

    But there are still good men out there...thankfully, I'm married to one...just keep your eyes peeled - you'll find yours.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  10. Hi.
    I stumbled upon your blog, nice blog you have.
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  11. looool...
    I think there are good men out there. they are not good with their partners. or they are yet to find someone to be good to. patience is a virtue.
    Yours will come along x


    checked out Linda's blog {it's been a while}....DON'T FRET my dear madam sting...simply do what to make you happy when you get married...the men don't have the affairs with themselves abi?

  13. I'm a good guy ooooooo! Have never/wld never cheat on my gf - when I finally get one o!

    Oya, make una come follow my blog chap chap lol

  14. lolol...I'll say there are still good guys like

    Great post!


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