Tuesday, June 28, 2011

30 Day Challenge : Day 2 - Something I feel strongly about

I feel strongly about too many things to just write one, so here it goes.
  1. Homophobia in the Nigerian community and the fact that it is conveniently wrapped in the soft blanket of religion. Jesus LOVED everyone. He wanted to hang out with the sinners, he let a prostitute wash his feet and did not raise his nose up at her. Being gay is not a choice just as being straight is not a choice. The lifestyle you chose to live is your choice (although i'm very much against people who deceive their partners about their true selves and then 20 years later come out and say, sorry honey, i'm gay) but for the most part we have no control who we are attracted to. God does not make mistakes and he loves the way he made us. Let us open our minds and our hearts and stop condemning other people's children.
  2. Since we are on the topic of religion, i'll say this. I can't stand people who use the bible in their stupid, and usually sexist arguments. Once i hear "because the bible said so or because God said so", you have totally lost me and i warn my friends not to use bible arguments with me. You can't use one side of your mouth to talk about Sodom and Gomorrah or whatever bible verse you are using and then pretend like the bible doesn't speak about fornication which apparently all the so called good Christians now accept as an okay everyday sin. I can't stand hypocrites and hypocrisy. 
  3. I HATE the word submission, especially in the context that most Nigerian men (and some women) use it. Add to the fact that they try to use the bible to justify it conveniently forgetting that God also said men should honor their wives.
  4. People who still have unprotected casual sex. Please, let's do better and don't think that we are invincible to STDs and HIV. It's so not worth the risk. 
  5. People who abuse little kids and pets.
I usually glance at my traffic feed and i see people from all these cool places stop by my blog. So from now on, i'll give a shout out to whatever location on my traffic feed that catches my fancy.

So shout out to the visitor from Mississauga, Ontario. Feel free to acknowledge it if it's you ;) Also, Hoboken, New Jersey. I recently heard of Hoboken because Albie and Chris from Real Housewives of New Jersey moved there.... :)

For clarification purposes
*Homophobia is a term used to refer to a range of negative attitudes and feelings towards lesbian and gay and in some cases bisexual, transgender people. Homophobia is observable in critical and hostile behavior such as discrimination and violence on the basis of a perceived homosexual or in some cases any non-heterosexual orientation. (Source: Wikipedia)
* Just because you believe homosexuality is a SIN does not mean you should be homophobic and hate gay people. WWJD?


  1. "Because God said so" isn't a good enough reason or you mean the context which it is being used(wrongly)?

    Mine is the idea that the sin of homosexual is greater than any other sin. I haven't still been able to wrap my head around the fact that people would really swallow that. LoL

    Ugh this traffic feed sucks tho! it always says im from NY when i am in Chicago! :(

  2. correction-->**sin of homosexuality**
    Booyah!! Im first!


  3. It depends on what the argument is, so i would say it depends on the context in which it was used. Everybody seems to be interpreting the bible the way it suits them these days.

  4. I'm an hour and half away from Chicago...guess where :)

  5. Oh geez! I just moved here 2 months ago, I suck with the geography! :( my closest guess is Indiana or Ohio--just bcuz I passed these places when I was driving down from dc while moving X_X

  6. I'm after chicago coming from that way.

  7. LoL so in the same state or a different one?

  8. I Thought so hard on whether i should comment on this topic or not oh well i am commenting afterall! i am not homophobic, but i know that being gay is a sin as well as committing fornication! That a lot of unmarried people sleep around doesn't make it acceptable judging by the bible standards same for homosexuality!

  9. I am always very skeptical when people say they are Christians. Don't tell me, let me see it in your actions. I so dont get it when people have unprotected sex all in the name of love. If you love someone you will protect yourself and them.

  10. I don't know about others, but because God said so is a pretty good answer for me. If the Word says it and it is not open to any contextual interpretation, why can't we answer and say God said so? Everything that God calls sin is just that: sin. It doesn't matter if it is widely practiced, if it is acceptable form of social behaviour/attraction, it is what is it is: SIN. Now, while Jesus loved prostitutes and hung out with them, did He also ask them to continue in that sin? I recall more than once that He said, go and sin no more. Unless we can choose what part of the Word to obey and what part to disobey...

    As an adult however, how a person chooses to live their life is not my business, except you seek my opinion. What you do in your private life is no one's business but yours, but don't tell me how to think in face of the clear Word of God (unless its not God's Word and its just something that men wrote?).

  11. @camouflage: This is true (going by bible standards). When this translates into homophobia is what i have a problem with. When people openly bash and are prejudiced against homosexuals, i have a problem with that. You don't have to agree with someone in order to be able to treat them with love and respect. WWJD?

    @Okeoghene: I agree.

    @Ayodeji: I see you mixed my number 1 and 2 points together. If you go back to my second point, i said i don't like when people use the bible to defend SEXIST arguments. With that being said, i'll still say this, just because SOMEONE tells me based on their personal interpretation of the bible, that God says so doesn't mean i will accept it. I most likely won't. When we are arguing about stuff that don't have to do with religion and you want to take the easy route and use the bible, it doesn't work for me.

    Of course Jesus said go and sin no more, no questions about that. Where does that translate into being homophobic and bashing gay people? WHERE? Sin is sin, true but i don't see people up in arms about fornication.

    I'm definitely not telling you how to think in the face of the clear Word of God but if i knew you in real life, i would tell you like i tell everyone else not to use religion/the bible to argue your points. I find it very annoying and off putting and that's my prerogative.

  12. its never how much we speak with our mouth but the action that we take and display to others

  13. 3 of the things you feel strongly about is related to the Bible, religion and christians.
    Not every christian accepts fornication as an 'okay everyday sin'. Only the hypocritical christians would accept that


  14. Bless you Sting! I say it stop being hypocritical, you can't say 'the bible says so' and the next minute you are raising your skirts or using your pipes. My two kobo

  15. @Yellow Sisi: This is true

    @ilola: That should tell you something. Of course not every christian accepts it as an okay sin, but a lot of them do it. They know it's a sin and yet do it anyway. You can't dispute that.

    @LusciousRon: Thank you. That's all i'm saying.

  16. Even without making reference to the Bible, homosexuality sucks!!!

    The Bible is the best reference book, you have to believe this because I do.
    @ Giagerry, Homosexuality is a sin- yes, but not greater than a white washed lie.

  17. I think your peeves are relative to the people you mix with. A lot of Christians I know condemn both fornication and Homosexuality. And the church has been preaching against adultery for ages, what phobia is that? Just because western society has accepted both genetic and lifestyle gays, and coined the word 'homophobia' does not mean I have to judge Nigerian/ Christian society through the same lens.

    I'm against discrimination of every kind, and I find it hypocritical that people will champion homosexuals and not philanderers. Both are sinners and deserve God's love, no? In my experience, most African societies have always accepted and condoned genetic homosexuals. What most people reject is the lifestyle choice and the influence of such like the gay parade. Can you imagine other 'sinners' having a PRIDE?

  18. "I'm against discrimination of every kind, and I find it hypocritical that people will champion homosexuals and not philanderers"

    @Myne: I don't know about lifestyle gays so i won't speak on that. I will speak on the people who are homosexuals because that's just how they are and they have no control over it. I will not put them in the same category as philanderers because in my opinions, philanderers are are not forced to philander. They do what they do because they want to. It is a choice. I don't think being gay is a choice, so i will stick up for them when they are being discriminated against.

  19. I know you've heard of some philanderers going for therapy since it's considered a diagnosis #ilaugh. But seriously, to each their own. While I will support a gay person, I will not vex for those who do not agree with my opinion, for whatever reason.

    Interesting post BTW...

  20. @Myne: You know that will only happen in America. They don't want to take responsibility and face the consequences of their actions when they are caught.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. @Ayodeji:

    Because God said so is actually NOT a good enough reason.


    Because "God" has said many things, including:

    Women should be silent in the presence of men and women are not allowed to teach. (I suppose based on this one ALONE the entire world can just kpafuka right now)

    Slavery is okay.

    Raping women is okay if you just pay the woman's father thirty shekels of silver (or its equivalent) afterwards. Or if you marry the woman (because being forced to marry your rapist is EXACTLY what will help you heal mentally from your rape)

    Killing people of other nations in order to steal their land is okay.

    Selling the children of people of other nations into slavery is okay.

    Taking the women of other nations as sex slaves is okay.

    Incest is okay.

    Stoning WOMEN who are not virgins on their wedding night to death is okay. (But allowing MEN who are not virgins on their wedding night to go scot free is okay too).

    Giving your maid to your husband for sex without her consent or even consulting her in the matter is perfectly okay (Sarah and Abraham - the maid Hagar).

    Kicking your now impregnated maid out of the house at your wife's request even though it is not the maid's fault with nothing to live on is okay (again, Hagar - sarah's maid).

    Wearing clothes made of more than one type of fabric or more than one type of thread means you are going to hell (judging by your profile pic alone, you are wearing at least THREE types of fabric/threads... eya!! )

    Killing children of innocent people is okay (pretty much every child in every family only tenuously related to the actual wrongdoer that the Israelites were told to kill)

    Human beings are not equal, Jews are better than everybody else.

    Murdering others in order to take their possessions is okay if you are The Chosen People.

    Forcing a woman to have sex with her dead husband's brother in order to get children for the family is okay (never mind if the woman consents to it or not.)

    And the list goes on and on and on.

    Yeah, I think by now we should all know that using "God" or "The Bible" as the basis of your argument is not exactly smart.

  23. Good one. I feel you on these!

    (seems i've missed a lot of your updates :(

    The Corner Shop

  24. Dear Sting, can i kiss you?
    I love you, like seriously.


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