Friday, June 3, 2011

My Testimony and Confession :)

Here's the video i made last week Friday, May 27th that i have been promising to put up. I didn't put it up before now because i'm a Peance (whatever that means). I told you guys a couple of posts back that i had a confession to make and gave you options to chose from. Well......none of those options were right. Although if you had picked (D) which was "I'm a mad woman from Soweto" you would have almost being right because I really am a mad woman from Nigeria.

Oya, without further ado, watch my video, the result of being too wired to sleep.

I know i had mentioned something about you getting to see my ugly face. Well, consider this a lesson in disappointment. You might as well start learning that from this blog, if you haven't already. Life is full of disappointments.

Also, in case you were wondering (which i highly doubt you were), unlike last semester where passmark for all the courses were 70, this semester, the powers that be decided to up the ante.
CTB  passmark = 77.5 (I freaking Honored the final)
Neuro passmark  = 76 (High Passed the final with a freaking 89.55 after the course director had written me off as a dumb student or whatever was going through her head. I have no idea.
Phys The Beast passmark = 72 (High Passed the block 4 exam and FAILED the cumulative final. Not surprised on that one at all. My brain was fried by then)
I don't understand their reasons for this especially since the classes got harder. Oh well, i'm their slave until i graduate. I do as they please.

So you might be wondering the reason why i was struggling. I'll be honest and tell you. I came back from Christmas holiday and was depressed by the end of week 1 of 21.  I did not want to study. Last semester i was on fire and my grades were well above average and if you know those beasts who happen to be my classmates, you would know the class averages are high! Where else would you see a class average of 90 something? I don't know what planet those people came from. Anyhoodle, i came back and was sick of the study/sleep/study/sleep routine. So i relaxed. I figured i could watch Judge Judy everyday, talk on the phone as long as i wanted and just half ass study like some of my classmates did.


I'm one of those people who can't be average. It's either i'm doing really well or i'm failing. Where's the middle ground? I don't get it. It's not fair at all. Why can't i half ass stuff like other people? What happened to mediocrity? So i bombed Block one CTB (which was a freaking 32% of the grade, God punish those people and i made sure to ask them WHY??? in my evaluation) and Phys and Block 2 Neuro and that my friends is how my troubles began. It's always a bad idea to try to dig yourself out of a hole, it's better to start strong and then decline, than do bad and try to make it at the end. Too much stress and heart palpitations. My poor heart and tear ducts. Blood, sweat and tears. I have stories about the sweat and tears, none about blood yet. E never reach that level.

* I know i said in the video that i passed phys with 72.3 but they just released the final grades because we initially get preliminary grades. After exams you are allowed to contest questions and you might get points back. (I never bother contesting questions, i have enough effiko classmates for that). I did get a point back....ha ha (after i had changed at least 5 questions from right to wrong answers BIGGEST ROOKIE MISTAKE. Never change your answers in an exam unless you are 100% sure. What did i tell you? I was losing my mind). Anyway, i got a point back and they deleted one flawed question. So i ended up with a grand total of 72.7. SMH. I just thank God i made it to 72 because trust me, if i had a 71.999, they wouldn't have rounded up and i would have ended up low passing the class. I'm not even exaggerating. It has happened to me before. Those freaking bastids. (I know how to spell bastards, don't worry :)

*Also, I emailed my neuro course director and THANKED her for her help and told her that i did well enough to pass the class but i'm glad the final was cumulative and i got a chance to learn the things i had missed in block 2. Ah.....sarcasm and professionalism at its best. I'm learning. There's hope for me, yet.

*Not passing two classes in any combination of Low Pass or Fail, is an automatic repeat. Due to some of the issues i've had in school, i had to pass ALL my classes this academic year unless i might have had to face the academic committee and that's never a good thing. I didn't have the leeway of Low Passing one class and still be allowed to move on like is normally done.

*Low Pass = D (in regular english)
*Pass = C
*High Pass = B
*Honors = A
And of course F is a universal language we all understand.

Now back to being a bum!
There's a mosquito in my room.....What?!! How in the name of all that is good and holy did it get in here? Now i have to find it and kill it. Jeez! Rihanna!!!! Come help me quick with that fire arm.

I kid, i kid. I love Rihanna. People say she can't sing, i don't care. I like what i hear and that's all that matters really. If i was going to Stan for anyone, it would be her but i Stan for no one but myself. Thank you very much.

Oh, yeah because i love you guys i will share this awesome snack i just discovered by mistake (necessity is the mother of invention). Slightly melted chunky peanut butter and banana. Heaven. I'm going to go get more bananas tomorrow. Healthy snack anyone? It's really awesome. You guys should try it.


  1. Lovely testimony. I loved every bit of it. Your voice sounds really nice. Still waiing for the day you will finally unveil.

  2. Madame you don't sound like a madam sound like a cute somebody

    Oh and I could so hear the black woman in you in 'This is a miracle'...someone say church!!!...your folks did you well

    Great job passing...even if na Baba God...


  3. Thank God that it all turned out fine
    heheheheh and i knew u were lying about the money :p
    love your voice

  4. awwwww i'm happy for you... all the studying paid off *happy dance for you* - congrats!
    lol - i will try the snack :)

  5. Wow! I'm so happy for you congrats babe. Baba God is too much but its not only him plus your efforts too.

    Your voice sounds really nice. I love it :)


  6. Loved your testimony, loved your voice too. Love God, He always come through. Well done on passing, wishing you continued success in your studies :).

  7. Hahahahah.... your voice. Glad to hear it though. For some reason I imagined it would be deeper.

  8. Thanks for the voice loving people and Tega, i DO sound like a madame. Listen again. I can't seem to escape that cute label, even for voice again? Fear dey catch me.

    Madame Prism: Why you dey laugh my voice naow. Deeper ke? Don't tell me you thought i was a man in disguise.

  9. Your voice is very lovely!
    And just listening to your testimony and the amount of RAW hard-work you had to put in got me very dizzy!
    don't know how you do/did it but I pretty sure God has blessed you with good brains.
    well done babes, I'm very proud of you!Keep chinning up

  10. Thank God for you:)Please cut down on the Judge Judy next semester sha

  11. AWWWWWW Congrats!!!! To God Be The happy for u!

  12. awww....congrats oh. so happy for you.

  13. Praise the lord...Hallelujah!!!Congrats miss..your voice is nice :)

  14. Congratulations Sting. These scores should inspire you next term when things go crazy again. Thanking God for you!

    I love the pictures you used on the vlog. The guy hanging on a hangar...lolssssss

  15. your voice is sexier than I imagined. I don't know why for the life of me, a hoarse voice comes to mind when reading your posts.

  16. Haha. Sexy Lomo voice :-)
    Glad it all worked out!!
    Thank God o!!!


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