Thursday, June 2, 2011


My good people of the interwebs.....i have come (again) with my hands out. Begging! Begging for what? You might ask? No, not for your forgiveness. That will come later ;) I am begging for your help. You see, in my bid to quench this thing called boredom and idleness which some people might call a vacation and time to relax, i have been  looking for stuff to watch. I'm not a big TV person, i am only a HUGE reality show person. That's pretty much the ONLY tv i watch these days. It's not even all reality shows sef, it's just The Real Housewives of....... Oh yeah, and i like watching Judge Judy but i don't like Judge Judy if that makes any sense.

I am also not really a movie person, unless we are talking animated movies and comedies. Anything else will have to depend on my mood and to be honest, usually never happens. I'm sick of Naija movies at this point because some of the scripts are so bad, i just want to flog whoever wrote them and the actors who agreed to act them. Have you guys seen Local Sense? Can you believe how it ended? I mean, WTF?

Anyhoodle, i'll cut to the chase. Even though i just discovered this show, The Middle and i have found a site where i can watch season 1 and 2, i stupidly decided to watch Intersexions on youtube instead. I LOVE THE SHOW.  It's so good and informative. I love how they mix their South African language (i have no clue what it's called) with English. It's so freaking cool and i love the beautiful South African people. So i finished watching episode one which is divided in 6 parts on youtube and i CANNOT find anymore to watch. *Gasps*

I have used my ninja googling skills all to no avail. It's not anywhere. I even ended up on the SABC website but they only have synopsis of the episodes (which are 26 by the way). gods and good people of the interwebs please help a sister out. I want to watch the rest of the 25 episodes. Greedy, I know but it's that good. So if anyone has any clue where to find this show, let me know o. I really want to watch it. I love the show!


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  2. reading is so fundamental lol. im gonna search for it too now that you've said the rest aren't actually on youtube. i'll let ya know if i find anything

  3. yah i was looking for it too a couple weeks back when u posted on it but to no avail. I did come across a commenter pleading that they should make the episodes available online... so i doubt that they are online :( I hope they make them available too.

  4. I also saw just the episode 1, and I doubt the rest are available.


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