Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Remember when i wrote about my brother and his 8 pack? Well, i ventured back to facebook and found this picture on his profile and i downloaded it for your viewing pleasure.

By the way, he's single and very eligible. He's a fine boy even if i say so myself (hey! he looks like me so he better be fine).


  1. LOL ur auctioning him off! let him catch u!

  2. omg is that really him? is he an athlete or sumn? mmm!
    Oww! Oww! :P

  3. This one ur advertising sha.... *cough cough*
    I wan buy oh!! lol... let's talk...haha

  4. Oya o! I want! But this one that you are auctioning? Hope no problem?

    I am VERY single, I have my kpali, and a good job! Oya, make me talk :)

    LMAO! But he has a really good mid-section from what I can see.

  5. emamama,,,,that means im jealous.

  6. pls get the manual from him, i need to lose some belly fat..


  7. lol @ auctioning him. He'll probably kill me if he ever finds out i did this. There's no problem o.

    @doll: There no manual. My brother is very physically active. He runs 5 and 10K races. Plays some serious tennis. Runs on the treadmill if he doesn't have a chance to go run. This boy is a beast. We went to the tracks one time, and i made the mistake of running with him. I couldn't do two times around the track without stopping and the idiot kept saying "you can do it, just keep going". I told him i could see he had plans to kill me and left him to walk/jog at my own pace. This dude ran around that track for an hour without stopping. I swear.

    His eating habits are not that great cos he eats junk from time to time, but i guess he burns it off, unlike me where any crap i eat shows on my stomach.

  8. hahaha...looking for IYAWO for him?


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