Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flourishing finish

I witnessed a miracle today
I am now a true believer
I'm going to church on Sunday

Hmm....I actually haven't been to church this year. Me and my DIY christian ways. God is alive and well. He knows my name. God has blessed me. Thank you God!

I should be shouting, jumping, screaming, somersaulting, dancing butterfly......but i'm too tired. I have slept a full night (8hrs) twice since March 21st. Most nights i get 2 hrs from 10pm -12am and another 2 hrs from 5am -7am. I guess if you add it, it's four hours? Right now i have a stress headache, i am hungry but no appetite. I am in awe. I am happy, but you can't tell by looking at me.

Watch this space for my testimony when i start to feel like a human being again. It's a good one.

God has blessed me
Thank you God!

Fine, i'll just cut to the chase.....I won the lottery for $250,000. I'm rich, bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. congrats o! at least houseboy go fit chop beta now.
    lol in all seriousness - are you gonna take the money and run? peace out of med school? I wont blame you - check out this story I read of the other day..

    $58.6 mill lawsuit against an Obgyn. God help us..

  2. Na wa o. I just read the story. Utter madness. I was never going to be any Ob anyway. Yes, i will still finish med style. Baller!!!!!

  3. you won? yay! hey! sting, hope this is not one of your pranks ehn?...but if true, you can pay off your student loan now? take care...HAPPY DEMOCRACY DAY.

  4. did u really?

    congratulations!!!!...I could do with £250000!

  5. I hope this is not one of your pranks again!!!!
    If it is ....mmm
    If it isnt.....Big Congrats

  6. I hope this is not one of your pranks again!!!!
    If it is ....mmm
    If it isnt.....Big Congrats

  7. Really?? CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yay!!! Sting is rich!! No more med school headaches!!!

  8. Oh Sugabelly, there will still be med school headaches o. I must finish. Besides, i already owe a 3rd of that money in student loans.

    As for those thinking it's a prank........WHY?

    My heart is hurt, bleeding. What have i done to deserve such suspicion? LOL

  9. Congrats.....

    hope its no prank tho.....(*big toothy grin)

  10. Sting!!!!!! Sting! ao many times did I call you???.... This better not be a prank o. cos I just finished dancing KOLOmental for u, all by myself!!

    Congrats yo! that's a huge wag of cash. Happy for you!

  11. OMG $250,000?!!! that's insane! it's even more than BBA prize money lol.
    All i ask for is $10,000 biko..thanks! :)

  12. Seriously!!!

    Congratulations!! pls do another post to verify it or tell us it's a prank.

  13. sooo, im not calling you a liar, but what im saying is that you arent telling the truth.

  14. Aunty sting... this better not be a prank

    if it isn't..then yay!!!!!

    balling! I want to be like you when I grow

  15. Congrats o

    $250k will go a long way to sort things...At least all debts(med etc.)you might have been worrying about don clear


  16. Looking out for this testimony

  17. Wow! Congrats Babe if its not a

  18. Bia, bia, bia, WAIT....isi gini?
    Two hundled and fifty tazan> Dollars oh?

    Are you serious?
    Ah, i need to tap into this kain annoiting. Oya i am waiting for the testimony.

    I can imagine the relief at being able to pay of them loans though.


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