Saturday, May 28, 2011

I is Bored/Don't know what to do with myself

  •  It feels good to be a BALLER! Woot woot!
  • I don't know what to do with myself. 
  • 2 nights after my exams and i still haven't slept a full night. Went to bed at 3am both nights. 
  • Have i ever told you guys that i'm a masochist? No? Ok.....I'm a masochist.
  • I need to get a summer job. My summer research plans fell through cos my mentor never bothered to fill out his part of the application so i couldn't even compete for funding. Therefore, i did not get funding to do research. I am really mad at him, but i still sent him an email (like 5 mins ago) thanking him for his time and apologizing things didn't work out.Winch!
  • This dude ignored me when i emailed him after spring break to please complete my application and this is after i had to submit an incomplete application over a month before because i didn't want to miss the deadline
  • He is such a bitch, but i have to be professional cos i might be jamming him during clinical years. I don't need any extra awkwardness.
  • Sugabelly.......When are you going to announce the winner of your give away. Some people (mainly me) are really interested to see if they won. Oya o!
  • Sometime this year something happened that kind of got out of hand, mainly because i'm hot headed and like to say even though i don't start trouble, i don't run away from it :) Anyhoodle, i just wanted to say, I'm sorry to the person whom i made uncomfortable and pretty much called out. I never want to make anyone uncomfortable in blogsville, that's not my purpose. So dear girl, I is sorry :)
  • Watch this space for my testimony. It's set and ready to go. I'm debating whether to put it up, but i promised so i will, eventually.
  • About to go finish my magnesium citrate prescribed by my GI doc. If you don't know what magnesium citrate does google it. 
  • I need to work up enough interest to watch Nigerian movies. I have to be in a certain mood cos it's not easy to watch a movie with 4 parts that's 4 hrs long and i like to finish what i start. I'm an amebo, i need to know how it ends. 
  • Please recommend good nigerian movies.....I don't want to be doing trial and error with those movies.
  • I don't know what to do with myself.............................
  • Ok, i have go, abi is it i have went? Ok.....i don comot. Bah bye!


  1. LOL @being a masochist...way TMI

    I was in a nollywood mood last night and i watched Local Sense which was okay and Pleasure and Crime which was eh. I really only watched it because Yul Edochie was in it. Jellili is supposed to be a good movie too. Looked funny but um yeah, my yoruba skills are so not up to par to watch a fully yoruba movie. I know i hate the trial and error of finding a movie to watch.

  2. Chineke Lady Ngo, there's different meanings to that word o. The last thing on my mind was the sexual meaning. lol.

    This is what i meant "gratification gained from pain, deprivation, degradation, etc., inflicted or imposed on oneself, either as a result of one's own actions or the actions of others, especially the tendency to seek this form of gratification"

    I said this because i still didn't sleep even i didn't have any reason to be up all night.

    I'll watch local sense. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Sting, why is this thing disturbing you? After you posted fifty million comments even if other people wanted to win you have already rigged the election.

    Results on Monday. Until then, patience is a virtue.

  4. Ahn ahn...sugabelly. You said leaving as many comments as possible increases your chances of winning. I obeyed instructions :) That's not rigging now.

  5. I will be back with some movie suggestions when i get the time....are u mainly into the english 9ja movies or you do yoruba and edo as well?

  6. @olori: I only do English movies. I would like to try some Edo movies if it's interesting. Infact, if yoruba and Edo movies are subtitled i'll watch. Thanks.

  7. Ahh! I cannot wait to be freeee! and stay up late doing nothingimportant #5more days..*phew*

    n u can try mirror of friend thot it was crap but i liked can never be safe with nigerian films

  8. Dammie, pele. Hang in there. Thanks for the suggestion.

  9. I only enjoy nollywood movies when i watch them with many other people so we can all laugh about any and every thing in it. When i watch a nollywood movie all by myself, it doesnt hold that allure.
    What's a massochist? :/

  10. Naija movie...I recommend 'ONE DOLLAR'
    Old but still funny
    Bored...why dont you volunteer at a local 'health-related' organisation?
    With your's sure to lead to something wonderful
    Have a good weekend

  11. Masochist long as it wasn't sexual...ooook

    Didi you go to church and share your testimony yet?

    I try to stay away from Naija movies...They do my head in...and anyone I watch has to come highly recommended and not the 'Blackberry babes' kind...I equate that to some Afrocandy major good luck with that

    Kinda pleased you're deserved a break..take care...x

  12. @Kitkat: There's different meanings to the word, including one that is of a sexual nature, but here's what i meant "gratification gained from pain, deprivation, degradation, etc., inflicted or imposed on oneself, either as a result of one's own actions or the actions of others, especially the tendency to seek this form of gratification"

    Naijamum: You personality comment is interesting. I wonder how i come across on here. I really should volunteer. I have opportunities to...stay free clinic and another free clinic that i already signed up for. I just have to email then to sign me up.

    Tega: Sex was the last thing on my mind when i used that word. Even forgot it had that meaning. I don't like not having something to do. I can't operate that way. I'm weird in that regard. I went and got 9 novels on top of the ones i already have but haven't read.
    The last thing i should want to do right now is open a book, but like i said, i'm weird.

    I said i was going to church plus i had a testimony. I did not join the two together o. I don't think i can go infront of a church and be narrating story. Since i drank magnesium citrate yesterday, there's no church going for me today. I will share my testimony on this blog.

  13. After the first few lines, I kinda got where you were going with the Masochist bit.

    Naijamovies, try Nollywood love on Youtube, they have some good ones. I liked Heart of a fighter/ Royal fight.

  14. try heart of a fighter and royal fight

  15. RE: Your Personality...........:
    The vibes I am getting from this blog is that you are:
    - Very Determined
    - Ready to stand your corner/ Not back down from a fight
    - Up for a challenge
    - Easily Bored
    - Pragmatic romantic

    Am I close? :))))

  16. Naijamum: And here i am thinking i keep personal stuff off this blog. You are very right, even though i had to google what pragmatic romantic You were correct on that one too. Hmmmm....
    What are u? A psychologist?

  17. Ok seriously Naijamum, i'm curious now. How did you figure all this out?

  18. ok so im back with a few recommendations:

    Nolloywoodlove is the place to be. I havent seen heart of a fighter/royal fight but I heard its a good one. I will recommend ladies men/ladies gang (part 1&2/part 3&4)...may get annoying after a while. Then Deepest of dreams 1&2....saw it a while back and if i remember correctly, it is decent. Mirror of life 1&2 is another one....i found this decent too. Blackberry babes 1&2 was ok sha but its not as funny as it seems and dere is still 3&4 not yet out. FIFA agent and Taxi driver are nkem owoh aka osofia films but again, not as funny as it is meant to be....can get boring. that is all for now :) the yoruba ones i like arent online now so i have to look them up on yoruba love if they are there and ill be back....DISCLAIMER: watching 9ja films, u cant go in expecting oscar winning performance, enjoy the film and pick what you can from the story. the oscar winning ones like the emem isong and genevieve ones arent online anywhere KINDA :)

  19. sure were b-o-r-e-d!.....never thought you would...because you have so many hours of sleep to catch on.,,hahahaha

  20. LOL...I hope I have not offended you?

    Re: 'How did I figure this out':

    My background is Public Policy/ Social Research/ Personal Development.

    I get to meet people on a daily basis; drill through mountains of info and try to find out personal issues that we can help with.

    A lot of times a one hour conversation with a client/ community organisation is enough to identify (1) issues that have roots in their past AND (2) subliminal issues that they have ignored (but which is ovbiously impeding their personal/professional development)

    I'm not perfect but I do my best.
    Have a great week

  21. @Naijamum: I actually was going to ask if you have a background in psychology and no, you did not offend me at all. I was just surprised.


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