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Nemesis- Part Deux

Here's the second installment in my Nemesis series.  After this, coming up would be the "Sit your ass down and study physiology" series. Part 1-84. True story.

This story is about a young couple who had it all, looks, good careers and 2 lovely kids. However, we all know that nothing is ever as perfect as it seems. Dude was a little bitch/man whore who chased anything in skirts. The young suffering wife took it all in stride because she loved him and wanted to keep her family together. Problem was he had a particular mistress who was a pain in the butt! This lady had the guts to call the wife one day to curse her out. The wife then called back to insult the mistress and her husband got mad at her for doing that which of course led to a big fight.

This lady who chose to stay in her marriage (like a lot of women do) was becoming a nervous wreck over this issue as the man didn't even bother hiding the affair at this point. He spent nights with his mistress and both extended families were aware of the situation. I know some people would say polygamy is a part of our culture so no big deal. I beg to differ. If you marry a man knowing fully well he was into polygamy, that's a different story, but a lot of Nigerian couples these days are into monogamy. One man, one wife!
 Anyhoodle, this lady was still determined to make the marriage work. To get a breather from the madness, when she got her leave and her kids were on holiday she travelled abroad with her 2 kids for a month. Wrong move, as this gave her husband the visa to stay with his mistress. This chic had no source of livelihood but depended solely on men to pay her rent and take care of her. Infact, instead of this guy to take care of his responsibilities at home, he spent his salary on his chic leaving his wife to bear the full load.

The wife came back with her kids and decided to stay with her sister because of the shame. Friends and extended families intervened, but all in vain.This guy then brought this mistress to his matrimonial home which irked his in-laws who came to have a showdown with him. His wife then went to rent another apartment when she saw that the battle was lost BUT the husband refuse to let her pack out her belongings. She then appealed to friends who talked to him. He agreed on the condition that she would give him his son while she keeps their daughter.She refused and left ALL her belongings for him and his mistress. It was then the mistress realized it was the wife that had ALMOST all the belongings in the house up to the beds they slept on and she was the one paying the house rent!

This guy had a good job and was well paid but left most of his responsibilities to his wife who didn't have a problem picking up his slack as she was also well paid. He pretty much spent his money clubbing and having fun. The mistress' family have come to know him as their in-law while his family has washed their hands off the issue since he refused to heed to their warnings. After much prayers they realized the dude was under a spell. As the story goes, they figured the gal used her private part (lol) and that as long as he continues to sleep with her, his sense of reasoning would be beclouded. This mistress had the balls to warn another girlfriend of his off. (No forget say the man na ashawo). She thinks she's special.

Apparently, the man reasons well with his friends when mistress is not around but when she comes, he begins behaving like mumu would tells her what they all said about her. It got to the point that his friends don't tell him anything anymore because she had the guts to confront one of the friends about what he said about her. The guy's younger brother told her bluntly what she was doing to another woman was wrong, and she reported him to his brother who tongue-lashed him. The brother has refused to go to his brother's house.

Now mistress is pregnant and the guy is already tired after just a few months of living together. He has started staying out nights, and the mistress (he has not married her yet or done any official introduction) is complaining and pressurizing him to complete his building so that they would move to a new neighborhood where people  they don't know about them because the whole street is aware of their story and many are cold towards her. In fact, the guy confided in a friend that he is hoping and praying for a miscarriage! He does not want any child from her, he is satisfied with his kids from his wife, but he does not know what to do. The friend didn't say anything because he might go and tell her. She is currently about 5 months pregnant and he is tired of the expenses she is adding since she does not have a source of income. Infact, he knows little or nothing about her! A friend once asked him if she was a graduate, but he could not give a congent answer, he said she said, she had diploma, diploma in what? he could not say! But she is living off his salary while when he was with his wife, she was the one who spent money on the family.

Mistress is not happy in her 'marriage' because the guy has been showing the other side of himself. From the way we see things, the guy would eventually dump  or abandon her and go back to his wife whom he has been sending love text messages to all the time!  This is why the wife believes the mistress had bewitched him because he is handsome and comfortable and she is a penniless gold digger looking for who to take care of her! I don't know why women think they will be different. What he did to his wife, he will do to you. Why do you think you are special? If you decide you want to be a mistress, stay a mistress and don't look to take over someone's home. It never ends well. Like i said, you are not special.


P.S. Na as i hear the story, na so i talk am. I don't know how well i believe that he was charmed. Most men think with their third leg on a very good day anyway. But you know, as Nigerians we all try to make sense of senseless situations the best way we can. Methinks the dude is just an irresponsible man. E no dey hard them.

P.P.S Shout out to my most recent followers, 3 of whom happen to be from Ghana. Woot, woot! I love my African people. If i survive this semester, i plan to "diversify" my knowledge base about other African countries. Like i said in an earlier post, i think Kenyans are pretty cool but i know nothing about them. Time to learn more about other African countries. Yes, i was born and raised in Nigeria, i know. I should do better.


  1. This sort of topic always gets my blood boiling cos I've seen it happen so many times. Come to think of it, men always blame d mistresses for bewitching them, that's not true jor! If u don't play with fire how would u get burnt?

  2. Thank you, Sisi yemmie. I agree with u. You just can't go bewitch someone sitting in their house that you have no business with.

  3. Juju my foot

    The man as selfish and greedy and has finally eaten what has hooked his throat.

    But how do these ladies remain in lovelessmarriages? To the extent of picking up the bills?

    Na wa!


    Cost of living Africans should know about

  4. lol I guess we can start promiscuity on juju? didnt think you'd buy that one sting lol. So now, the juju don finish abi wetin? and how did she use your genitalia for the juju sef? so it is...gone? disappear just like that?? lol oya o answer madam

  5. Haha i lierally laughed out loud at the claims that she was bewitchin him with her va-jay-jay. I hate when cheating husbands blame their paroles on blackmagic..that's BS jor!
    and i hope his wife(or is it ex-wife) doesnt take him back. I cnt stand unfaithful partners and women who take back unfaithful partners.
    As for the mistress.. No comment.

  6. @Okon: ur comprehension skills are diminishing apparently. I said, "as the story goes".Na as i hear the story, naim i talk am. I don't understand ur question. How did she use my genitalia? Abeg o!

  7. I dont have the energy to struggle for any man.
    What is yours is yours.
    The wife owed it to herself to leave as soon as the g-friend had the audacity to call her.
    Marriage without respect or consideration is no marriage. I know a lot of women stay married for the sake of the kids...but the truth is an unhappy marriage can scar the kids - psychologically - for life.
    My two kobo

  8. lol sting no vex, reading/writing comprehension Fail on my part

  9. Okon, it's ok. I just wonder they are teaching u in that ur fancy name medical school :)

  10. And these same people all carry Bible and go to church every Sunday and every other week day.

    African people need to get over this my son is more important than my daughter...

    I like your shoutout to Madam sugarbelly :)

  11. Really oh, i don't know why women think they will be different- he cheated on her, he'll cheat on you. I don't believe the charmed story jo, if he was she wouldn't have any problems getting him to marry her.

    That is why i preach independence- thank God the wife had her source of income so that she could go and rent her house and take care of her kids.


  12. The man is the irresponsible one of the lot, he wants to practice polygamy and cannot even do it well. Mistress who thinks she's smart is not smart either. All the best to the wife, she better shine her eye before going back since she's now exchanging love text.

  13. I hope the wife doesn't get back together with him... he is so selfish and irresponsible.
    i am glad she took the children from him too. mtchew!!

  14. *sigh! What a pity. Stories like this makes me wonder why SOME gals are becoming desperadoes! Married Men wants the sex, while the gals wants the money abi? so why push another woman out of her matrimonial home so as to enter? WICKEDNESS!!!! There are many single struggling men wanting a life partner but this gals want an established man because they are too damn LAZY to build their own home!

    Re; the juju, i believe it my sistah oo. Am from ESAN and i know what is obtainable. Powder, black soap, mascara and eyeliners are used. Incisions can be made on any gals private part by the spiritualist and a black powder rubbed into it while making incantations. Don't believe? Gals living in nigeria would tell HOW FAR OOO..*laughing*

    He was the one that looked for wahala, he wanted to chop and clean mouth but the gal was smarter than him! He never JAM! He go see SHEGE!

    Him sending love text messages to his wife, says a lot, but he is a terrible flirt! Ha! what some wives won't do for love and their kids?

    If he repents, the wife should accept him back because every human being deserves a 2nd chance.
    My 2kobo :)

    As for the gold digger, i wish her the same as she wished the man's wife..mscheewww!

  15. I hate, hate HATE this bewitched story. Very common amongst Nigerian men with rampant rabbit dicks that are quick to chook around, then turn around and blame it on jazz. Oya the jazz jus fly for breeze come meet you for house abi? Yeyerity.

    His wife try true true, women are seeing things sha, but if after all this she goes back to him........ I wish her goodluck.

    The man is clearly an irresponsible fool that is now missing his wife because she made his life easier by providing for the family. This jobless girl is putting too much strain on his pocket, na dat one dey pain am pass.

  16. Why do we like believing in jazz only when it suits us eh? Either there is jazz or there is nothing like jazz jare.

    If your greed or carelessness leads you into sin, dont blame it on jazz.

  17. cheat and get caught:
    in America ---> sex addict
    in Nigeria ----> Juju


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