Friday, June 1, 2012

Late Night Brain Dump: Episode Dos

Besides my life, here's another casualty of med school. I don't even know where he is anymore. I gave him to my sister, who gave him to God knows who when she was sent to another base. I tire mehn.
I miss him. 
Some days more than others. 
He hasn't been mine for a while so i'm used to it
but i miss him. 
My friend said when she first met me she thought i wasn't a "real" Nigerian cos i was into my dog. 
It can't get realer than this
Authentic pidgin speaking, born, bred and buttered Edo geh
Another one is a counterfeit

I really don't enjoy being in med school. 
I can't wait to get that MD degree. 
I'm bored with the whole school thing at this point. 
Well, more exhausted than bored
but it is what it is
shit still needs to get done
so when i'm done complaining, 
i will still pick up my books and continue studying
how's that for a reality check.

I was telling one of my best friends that i wanted to hook her up
and she said she wants to pray about it.
I'm like what are you praying about?
I haven't even told you anything,
You don't even know his name...
She said, she doesn't need to know his name
God knows everything.
I thought she sounded crazy
I mean, i thought that when you are praying about something of that nature you can't just be vague all over the place like that. Correct me if i'm wrong.
Anyway, i understand everyone has their own relationship with God,
but i still thought she sounded crazy
I know her well enough to know this was just a convenient way
 to get out of the conversation

I have another one who told me she has been praying fervently for a husband
her voice has cracked.
The thing is giving her headache and sleepless nights. 
I said, eh hen?
Are you going to let me introduce you to someone?
Hook ups don't work for me.
Besides, if i agreed to that i would be telling God i don't trust him, like i'm trying to help him out or something.
For reals?
How do you know how God is going to answer your prayer?
I told her, you say hook ups don't work for you, neither does meeting anyone by yourself cos if meeting someone by yourself was the sure fire way of getting into a good relationship then you would be married by now.
Yes, i know that was mean, but i thought she was being ridiculous.
You really, really, really want to get married,
yet you want to pick and chose how you meet the person.
Does it matter really?
How about be open.
You never know. 


  1. Aww he is a cutey. How could you bear to abandon him :(

    1. I did not abandon him o. Instead of giving him away to a stranger I had my friend drive him 5 hrs to where my sister lived. She had to give him up.

  2. Gbam! I have been saying this for years, Christians who claim to be praying for a husband but won't leave their room, I guess the man will come through the roof super man style....siddon dere while the outgoing girls snatch up all the men!

    loving your blog and the posts, keep it up!


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