Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Gays

So i took a mini 1-2 day hiatus but i'm back cos i need an outlet as my hair is still falling out. lol. Nah, yes it's still falling out but no, that's not why i came back. I really need to be able to write whatever nonsense i'm thinking. All my posts from now until further notice will continue to be crap, not that they were not crap before, so let's just say crappier. You won't believe i did not set foot outside this apartment for over 2 weeks. From May 14th until June 1st! If i stick to my schedule, i will not be leaving my apartment from June 2nd until June 18th. Madness, i tell ya! Good thing i'm an introvert and i'm already used to this, but it has never been this extreme. So you can see why i need an outlet. 

I am so sick/tired/miserable/paralyzed/overwhelmed with life right now. I wish i could decide not to take this exam. Just go up to the registrar and say" look lady, you see this med school exam taking, you only gave me 6 weeks to study, crap? I'm not having it. I refuse to take this exam now or ever and you have no choice but to let me graduate. Why? Cos i said so."

That will only happen in an alternate universe and since i never crase finish (still working on it), i have to face reality and continue the struggle. I took a practice exam yesterday and i when i saw the result, instant headache. I just went to lie down. Funny how i don't know how to crazy freak out anymore. After numerous episodes of that in the last couple of years, i've come to the realization, that is just a waste of time and energy. So, atula continua, victoria acerta. Furshur!

So i really got into youtube this year and i don't know how it happened cos it certainly wasn't on purpose but i am subscribed a quite a few gay guys. I will share with you guys just cos i love you and they make me laugh or keep me entertained. I don't have time to pull my favorite videos of them cos i need to go take a nap or something, so i'm just going to pick the first thing i find. Hope you enjoy and become fans cos i like 'em. I'll put them in order of how much i like them. Enjoy.


  1. On this your list i'm only subscribed to KidFury and he gives me OXYGEN!!!! Need to check out the others.

  2. lmfaooooo. "Don't be tardy for the party", "Are you expecting to pick up a guy in the laundry detergent isle?" and "You robbed me of a Mimi moment?! I declare war on your ass"

    1. Funny I know exactly who said what. Africanoboy, kingsley and itsmartinjr, in that order. Lol. Glad u liked them.

  3. Awww Luan is my person. Love that young man. his face is changing though - not so cute anymore (puberty i guess lol). I like Kingsley too.


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