Thursday, June 7, 2012


Can someone explain to me why instead of answering these questions i have in front of me, i am thinking of how to rear chickens in my apartment. Why did the thought enter my head?

If you have everveaten "american" chicken, you would know why. I know they sell old chicken aka hens (as people call them) in Asian stores or some farmers market, which is why i think something is wrong with me for having chicken raising thoughts in the first place. I normally eat chicken breast anyway cos i hate those thighs and besides i don't buy meat these days cos i'm cutting down on my meat intake. So yeah, i think i am slowly but surely losing what's left of my mind.


  1. lmao it not that serious o, plz eat some chicken so the thoughts can leave u

  2. LMAO....Sting please eat some (Hard) chicken ooo.


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