Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What would you do?

Hey guys,

Shit has gotten real! I'm just going to leave it at that. Had no intention of blogging today. I have been studying since 5am. I literally rolled off my couch at 4.45a, went to brush my teeth and was sitting on this chair by 5am. It's almost 7pm. No, i haven't been studying non-stop. Took like an hour break when my friend stopped by. I've still got so much to do today, but I'm hungry and i have food in my fridge but don't know what to eat. This is the problem with having a stocked up fridge. Choices. Not used to those anymore.

Got some stuff from my sissy in the mail today. Maybe i will rustle up some pictures for you guys. I just think it's great to get stuff besides bills in the mail. Which is why i have been subscribed to Cosmo since 2004 (non-freaking stop). Hey! That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I'm also subscribed to Glamour but that's more recent and i don't like it as much as Cosmo, although i would say they have gotten better or maybe i am used to them now.

Looking forward to making suya. has the recipe and process and i so want to try it.

Ghana garri! lol. Ok!

This is a surprise. I know u can get them from walmart but she kept asking me what else i wanted and i said surprise me.

Strawberry flavored cranberries. I can't eat my oatmeal without these

Yes o! I need to learn. Let see if he makes sense. Not a big fan cos he cheated on his wife with his current wife. Side eye to him. I guess he should know.*rolls eyes*

Who else wants to send me a care package? We can pretend I'm in the military. I might as well be. This is boot camp for the intellect. I used to enjoy hunting down stuff to make my sister a care package whenever she is deployed. 

There's actually a reason for this random post. So i heard something today and i wanted you guys to comment on it.So ladies, you've been married to this guy for x number of years and for the last 2 years you guys have been trying to get pregnant. Husband told you his sperm count was fine and since you had an STD as a teenager, you have been blaming yourself for your inability to get pregnant. You really haven't told anyone in your extended family about your struggles with infertility but finally you broke down to your MIL and her first response was "oh hubby reversed his vasectomy?" Come to find out your husband had a vasectomy when he was younger because he didn't want to have kids. When you talk to him, you find out he still doesn't want to have kids but he didn't tell you because he felt that if you went through the process of trying and failed, you would eventually become tired and give up on the idea having kids. o_O

 Would you stay and forgive him or would you bounce? This is a real story and of course this is not a Nigerian couple. I am yet to meet an African who doesn't want kids. Even if you don't want kids, fear would not let you voice it out, everyone would reject it and "god forbid" it on your behalf.

Ok, I'm going to have to think seriously about dinner.

Bye pipu!


  1. i would drop that man quickly, that such a selfish thing to do

  2. Send me ur address and we can negotiate on a care package......For reals?!!!That is grand scale deception! What in the world?! I dont know if I will be able to stay in such a marriage. Only God knows what other secrets he is hiding.

  3. No good intentions. If babe really wants children, then bouncing it might be. Even if she decides she doesn't, she has to ask why the guy wasn't upfront about the whole thing. I mean even his mum knows.

  4. Wow.. I think thats a deal breaker...hopefully he would change his miond but after a while... hmmm...

  5. Definitely a deal breaker..deception of the highest order...not sure i would be able to forgive him if it was me

  6. As for this level of deception... Is he open to changing his mind now? If not I'll leave.

  7. That is just evil!! How could he let her go through all that stress when he knows the truth? I heard even the Catholic church allows that those are grounds for divorce -if one partner lies about ability to procreate.

    I have told u before, your sister/s are real sweet.

  8. If he could be deceptive about this for so long,what other skeletons could there possibly be in his closet.
    I won't feel safe anymore and trusting him would be difficult.


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