Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Late Night Brain Dump: Episode Cinco

Well, hello hello......

These people were not playing when they said 8am-5pm. I'm in troublleeeee for rotations cos for the last couple of  years, i have pretty much being on MY own schedule. I went to only about 20% of all my lectures both first and second year. Besides small group which was mandatory, you would hardly ever see me in school. I don't know what 95% of my professors look like. There were a couple with nice accents i was curious enough to google, just so i could put a face to the voice cos i would listen to podcasts of lectures for some of my lectures. I'm seeing faces i've never seen before during orientation. Anyway, before i go off on a tangent, let's just say these last two days have been hard on my body. I come home exhausted and this is just orientation. Wahala go dey o. We have one more day then it's back to the books for me, at least. Argh!

I got my pager today and came home to see a bill for it. I was like, what?! I haven't even turned on this thing and i already have to pay. It's like $21 every 3 months. I totally forgot about it until this evening when my friend called to say he was having trouble setting his up. Mine was still in my bookbag where i put it after i picked it up. I'll deal with that later. I finally got with the iPad program. I think my ipad has to be the most boring device ever in terms of apps. Every app i have downloaded besides twitter and instagram is medical related. What are good apps to download?

Let's talk about this heat for a second. What the hell? Pun intended. I feel like i'm being steamed for someone's dinner. That's how i was driving home this evening, as i was about to turn into my apartment complex, what do i see crossing the street? Someone's bare ass, all in the name of wearing a bikini. If you ask her now, she will say she was coming from the pool. There's no pool around o (maybe there is sha, but i don't think so). These people sef. So under the guise of wearing bikini, you now want to be walking about naked. No seriously, what's the difference between bikini bottoms and panties? I know the obvious difference but I don dey use side eye dey look that thing since. It just looks to me like you are running around in pant and bra all in the name of wearing bikini. At least if you were by a pool or the beach, it's understandable, not on the freaking street. My teenage nieces dad blatantly refused to let them get bikini bottoms. If you cannot wear boy shorts or something that has more coverage, then forget it. For teenagers, i agree.

I've decided to do a give away for my 700th post, which is 69 posts from this one. This should put it around Christmas/New year's time which would be perfect for a give away. I don't know how much time i would have for blogging when I start my rotations but i think i will be able to still blog because my blogs are usually about anything and nothing. I don't think my posts out. I never have bloggers block. I just write about whatever crap is going through my head at that time. So i guess even if i get really busy, i could still drop a couple lines. I have noticed that i have gone back to blogging about everyday stuff instead of major issues. I don't know what you guys like reading but this is how i started out blogging, then i went through a phase of not wanting anything personal on this blog, now we are back to square zero.

Come to find out, i'm not the only one who thinks medicine is crazy. They told us today that 60% of doctors would not recommend anyone going into medicine. 60%! That's a lot. I certainly would never discourage anyone who truly believed this is what they want to do with their lives. I believe in following your dreams. However, if you are trying to decide between medicine and something else and you love both equally, pick the other thing. As hard as this journey is, i am doing exactly what i want to be doing with my life which is a blessing BUT I have questioned myself this past semester. I've been through so much stress and i have a bald patch on top of my head to show for it. If i had to do this all over, I wouldn't. I really wouldn't, not in this lifetime, maybe my next one. My answer might have been different a year ago, but it's just too stressful and i wonder if it's going to be worth it. Only time will tell, because i think this such a huge sacrifice and it never ends.  A guy got kicked out of my school after 3rd year and he had to go to a Caribbean school to start all over. I would never do that. I just can't go through this again from scratch.

This heat mehn.....It's not it at all. My top lip feels like it's on fire. Maybe it's from all the hot air coming out my nose :) LOL


  1. Best of luck.
    But really? you don't know some of your professors?..find it unbelievable..'don't mind my 9ja school mentality' :D
    Yes, it is hot atimes..but the rains cools it.

    1. Thanks. No rain in this end o. But i can't complain too much. I don't know a lot of my professors cos we have multiple lecturers especially in second year and i never go to class. They know some people are not class goers and they are nice enough to accommodate us. We get the audio and video (of the screen) of our lectures and that is good enough. All the notes are online also. We do have mandatory lectures or small group sessions.

  2. Are you around the DC area? It was crazy hot there! Glad to be back, though it makes me sound like a waffler :)

    1. I'm not o, neither am i in the south. So there's really no excuse for this. They are just trying to make my electricity bill high.


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