Thursday, June 28, 2012

Head in the Sand

  • I would so love a maid or housekeeping service, right now. I have dishes to wash, laundry to put away and a kitchen floor to scrub.
  • I finally satisfied a food craving i've had for over a year. You won't believe what it was. Common rice and stew. Rice and freaking stew. Long and short of the matter is that tomatoes and I are not friends. I damned the consequences today o. I had white rice and stewed gizzard. It was great. So blissful. 
  • Orientation is finally over. I left early today because the last three hours of my schedule were for independent e learning activities which we were supposed to complete in the computer lab. I figured i could do it at home but i ended up only doing one out of the three exercises. 
  • Rotations starts on Monday except for those of us who have vacation month first. I will be starting in August. I need to get boards out of the way so i can breath.
  • There is something about a jiggling butt that is just gross to me. I don't know how men can find that attractive.
  • One of my neighbors is very good looking. I see him from my window when i'm studying. He looks mixed. I have actually walked past him a couple of times but never acknowledged him. My next door neighbor said i should say hi the next time i see him. Yell from my window and say hi, actually. Is that not madness?
  • I wonder what would happen if i brought him home. My dad wouldn't have a problem, because he's black but my mom would because he's American. She watches too much news. The fact that there's always some guy in the news who killed his wife, does not help matters. 
  • It's funny how i would love to end up with a Nigerian, yet there are people who want to have nothing to do with a Nigerian. I guess people always love what they are familiar with. 
  • I am starting to be more conscious of the fact that Nigerians have a bad reputation internationally and people would judge me based on the simple fact that i'm Nigerian. I never used to care but now i am aware of it. It doesn't stop me from identifying as Nigerian but sometimes it's uncomfortable when i first meet someone and introduce myself cos i wonder if they think i'm a crook or dishonest or whatever it is people think about Nigerians. 
  • I have the best brother in the world. He is so caring and so wise. He is such a good son to my mother. We are so blessed to have him. I called him yesterday to tell him that and to tell him how proud i am of him and because our conversations are hardly ever serious, i told him i wanted to let him know pre-mortem (if there's a word like that). We ended up laughing about it but i let him know i was serious. I love my brother. I think we should always let people know how we feel about them while they are still around to appreciate it. 
  • Because i know a lot of people use my blog for blog hopping purposes, i will leave my blog up but i will not be blogging until after my exam. Please send positive thoughts my way. I need strength.


  1. I just beamed positive thoughts your way

    Hang in there hun

    Please do not shout at the boy from your knows sha...might be good


  2. Good luck with your exams. May God grant you the strength and wisdom you need to conquer the information.... lol.

  3. plenty positive thoughts coming your way all the best in your exams Doctor!

  4. All the best Doc, all this will soon be history wishes!

  5. blog hopping.....really?

    good luck with your exmas

    don't holla from the window but you can smile when you run into him

  6. All the best - you gat this kampe!

  7. You have already excelled.
    It is good to love and be loved in return.

  8. I am uploading positive thoughts as I speak *places head on laptop*

  9. LMAOO...I love that u know that ur blog is a very useful bloghopping hub! We still havent finalized on the in law thingy. U shud totally say "hi" to your neighbor next time, haba, isnt that what they call setting p?!

    Good luck in your exams hon. I am positive that you will do fantastic.

  10. Muchas gracias, guys. HoneyDame, we shall initiate in-law talks after my exams.


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