Monday, June 4, 2012

Spread light

I had my best study day yesterday. 15+ hours of beasting it but i was sad throughout.
Lives, loves, dreams, gone, just like that. What a horrible way to die.
Let's not forget that we are ALL going to die. The mortality rate is still 100% and will always be, but senseless, premature, PREVENTABLE deaths, that i have i problem with. Are we going to continue to let these people use our lives to play kalo kalo? The lack of value for human life in Nigeria is appalling and you see it in every sector. There's nowhere to hide, church is no longer a sanctuary in some places because who knows the day Boko Haram will strike. What is going on?

All we do is talk, talk, talk, talk, protest from now till tomorrow. NOTHING is ever done. Nothing. The government is useless and selfish and has always been. GEJ is a weist and will always be. I don't like him at all. He is worse than a puppet. Why did we ever think his government will be different? I'm really saddened by the current state of Nigeria. Since i'm not there and have no plans of going anytime soon, i would love to turn a blind eye to what's going on, but i can't. I wouldn't be who i am today if i wasn't raised in Nigeria. Nigeria will always be a part of me.

The main message in this post is in the picture. We only get one life and we don't know when our expiration date is. Let's make the best of the life we have. This is something i am conscious of EVERYDAY. I went through a phase where i was so preoccupied with death and dying and i was constantly scared of losing someone.Every phone call from home was answered in fear. My brother learnt real fast not to ever call me at 7 o'clock in the morning just to check up on me. I'm not sure what brought on that paranoia but with time it faded and i'm more normal these days.  Regardless of how i feel about my day to day life, i am always, always thankful and never take for granted how blessed i truly am. I've got both parents, all siblings, so much love and support. Those are the most important things. I take each day as a learning experience and constantly strive to improve myself.

A couple of months ago, i saw this picture and i had a light bulb moment. This is currently the theme of my life. I am striving to be a light, in what ever form that manifests itself as. Instead of perpetuating a fight or argument, i stay quiet. With my crazy temper, i never thought that it was possible. I've let people who deserved a tongue lashing go, peacefully. Just exit quietly out of my life. If i can't make a situation better, i don't want to make it worse. What do you want to be remembered for? Do you just want to exist and then die or do you want to touch lives and make a difference? We never know when our time is going to be up, live your best life now. I think about all the time i spend studying and wonder if this is what i really want to be doing with my life. The answer remains yes. It's a means to an end BUT as soon as i take this exam, I will go above and beyond to create balance in my life. I am done with my life being all about book, book, book, study, study, study. I need to insert other things that make me happy.

I don't know if i got my point across or if this will be useful to anyone but i need to go study so i'll stop writing.

Enjoy your day people. I love you guys!!!!



  1. I am saddened by the situation in Nigeria: greed and selfish rules the nation. My first job out of uni was in Aviation Accounting and I am certain the crash was preventable.... I don’t know how people can value money over other people’s lives though... I think I am actually more angry than sad. SIGH.


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