Thursday, May 31, 2012

Late Night Brain Dump - Episode Uno

There's nothing i hate more than a self-righteous christian. If i'm going to hell, you can be sure you are coming with me. Ok, bye! I'll see u there. 

Today for a fleeting second, i wondered how i come across on this blog. I've had someone say her perception of me in person doesn't match what she sees on this blog, but then again this person never really knew me to begin with. So i think her opinion of me is worthless (with regards to this blog and other things).
I've also had people tell me i write exactly how i talk. Isn't that the norm? 
I should ask Dr. Sushi. She reads this blog and is my personal, personal person. 

I'm amazed at how freely i give my blog address to people these days. 
Oh, you miss me? Here's my blog. Stay informed of the crap that passes through my brain. 
Far cry from a few years ago when i guarded my anonymity with my life. 
It's never that serious. What do i have to hide? 
You are welcome to read all the nonsense i manage to spew out ;)

So i was looking through the people who follow this blog and i saw my friend, who i had given my blog address a few years ago to help me look at the design. I didn't know he followed the blog and read it. 
I asked him about it and this yeye boy (Hi, Yohan) said my blog is too narcissistic. It's all about, me, me, me. 
I said, see me see wahala o. This is a personal blog about my life. Who am i supposed to be talking about?
This is my free therapy, so get with the program homie :)

I'm tired of studying for this exam o and this is the time i'm supposed to be on fire. Beast mode activated and all that good stuff. 
 The days are just running by like they have somewhere to go. Abeg, slow down for Jesus!

On that note, i am going to sleep. Let's see if i can have a better study day tomorrow. I am SO behind. 

My life! is wonderful!!!
How many times do i say it before i start believing it?


  1. your blog always rings off the "i don't care attitude" I mean everytime!!...but hey this is your personal space on blogosphere so do what you want with it!
    I guess you studying for your step1 around now if i am right(we had a chat some time back) so, success Doki,the wishes of all successful predecessors be with you...

    1. lol @ i mean everytime!!! That's funny.

      Yes o. The almighty step 1. It reminds me of studying for the MCAT. I don't like it one bit. Amen, amen to all the prayers and well wishes. I need it.

  2. Hey, thank you for your lovely compliment on my blog! And make sure you keep me updated on what you bake for your niece :)

    Lol, your blog is supposed to be about you jare! Who else is it going to be about? Like you, I had a personal blog back in the day and for about a year I was anonymous, then after that I just though "This is me, I've got nothing to hide" and put my name and photo to the blog.

    I've met people who are different from the impression I got of them from their writing. I think I'm pretty much the same except less articulate in person!

    Great blog :)

  3. Yes, you write exactly how you speak. But you are a thousand times more caring and sensitive in real life! I think thats a good thing sha! You bark bark bark but you're such a softie. Lol. Sorry if I outed you sha, you know say you be my personal person......


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