Monday, July 9, 2012

Tough Questions

This is where i give you my version of the truth as I know and believe it :) Of course, we all know this is my opinion, so take it for what it's worth.

Do you believe in premarital sex?   
 An anonymous commenter asked this question (for the 2 days i allowed anonymous comments) and since it was so random, i didn't answer it but asked a question back which never got responded to. Anyhoodle, i think if you are a Christian, you go to church every Sunday, sing in the choir, have reserved your space in heaven right underneath Jesus's feet etc etc and you use the bible to justify why you do certain things you or believe certain things you believe, then you shouldn't be having sex before marriage because the bible is CLEARLY against that. Anything else would be hypocrisy to me oooooo. I think most "Christians" now view sex before marriage as an acceptable sin.

Maybe i'm just a little witch, but i can never take anyone seriously who i know is always in the church or claims to be a good christian yet is having sex when they are not married. This is one of my many beefs with the religious. If however, you are just a church goer (una know say una many), or not religious or an olokun or sango worhsipper and you want to have sex with someone you are not married to, then that's a decision for you, your conscience, and your beliefs. Whatever floats your boat, just be safe. Nobody should be having unprotected sex in this day and age. Are you not scared? The most important thing to me is to respect your body. However you chose to do that is up to you.

Do you believe in heaven and hell?
My honest answer lies between Not really and No. Especially not with the way people paint a picture of it. There are some people who are living on this earth and they might as well be in hell. I live a very simple life and i'm sure if i end up being wrong and there's heaven, then i'm good. If not, i will be chilling in purgatory for a while and if that fails, then i know for sure i will have a lots of good company in hell. We go plenty wey dey there. I have my reservations about being with all those stuffy people anyway. See how obnoxious they are here on earth, imagine how they will be in heaven. They no go let person drink water put cup down.

I'm not really worried about the afterlife. Just be a good person now you are alive. Make a difference, touch someone's life in whatever way you can, be your brother's keeper, stop all the self righteousness and let God handle the rest. I have a classmate who is a VERY good, pray 5 times a day, hijab wearing muslim. She told me all Christians are going to hell. I told her to let God be the judge of that. She later came back to apologize to me because she had talked to her mom who told her i was right. It wasn't even an argument because i no sabi argue that kind matter and i wasn't upset in anyway so i was surprised by the apology but obviously it bothered her because it was not in line with her beliefs or what she had been taught. I would find it very hard to say a devout muslim is going to hell just because they don't believe in what i believe. Let God be the judge of what's in our hearts. Live your life, spread light.

I know from some of the things i say on this blog it might seem like i'm a pagan. That's not exactly true. I am a christian (What?! You couldn't tell? lol). I believe in the power and grace of God. I also believe that my relationship with him is worth more than anything else. I  think that being born into a religion (or in my case following your parent to convert as a child) is not enough reason for you to accept the status quo without knowing for yourself, why you are a part of that religion and why you believe what you believe. This is a journey for me and i am open to where life takes me. If una hear say i don turn pastor tomorrow, no surprise o. lol. Money dey church work sha. Private jets, private universities, mansions and shit. I should consider it. Pastor Dr. Sting D. Quack. Sounds good.

This was supposed to be a two sentence post. Mad girl.


  1. I love how you proudly state your unpopular opinions.

  2. Love love love love the post. Very well put.

  3. love you, in-spite of your madness.

  4. right on point! dont have anything else to add than your pastor name "Pastor Dr. Sting D. Quack" does really sound good, just let us know o! so some of us on blogville could be your congregation. lol

  5. Post on point...God is the final judge and I don't waste my time arguing religion with people.

  6. So true, I hate how christians can pick and chose which sin will send you to hell fire, and which one is ok, and then backing it up with bible quotes. but either, i don't think i could live any other way than being a christian. when i saw the "i'm a little witch" i thought "ah winsh for Jesus"

  7. I like your reasonings, very bold!

  8. I love your answers, they are so earnest and without pretense.

  9. Lol @ I's 'winsh for Jesus'. I'm especially tripped by the way you handled the lady who said all christians will be punished. Like you I don't have the energy to debate/argue about it and it is true that God will judge :)

    On the Christian premarital sex abunga-- I came to the same conclusion after I beat myself up for wondering why I had a double standard when thinking of two of my sexually active friends, one christian and the other atheist-- It all boils down to the fact that what you profess is the standard you will be judged by (and to remind myself again: it is not me who judges but God).

    Wayo see long reply oh. Oh well, thanks for the post. iRelate!

  10. Well written - if you're a bible believing Christian then you know premarital sex is wrong and just as you've pointed, there's no negotiation.

    Heaven and hell are real, God wont lower HIS standard for anyone.

  11. you mentioned a lot of valid points in this post. i have my Qualms with Religion, but it also has its good aspects.

  12. Religion?? everybody should work out his or her salvation personally.
    Hell?? until then! Who knows?

  13. hmmm religion....that word...

    a relationship with God and religion are totally different...

    even the bible says u will be shocked to see who makes heaven (yes it is real)...

    Let us do our part and let God judge...

  14. This is so straight,no sugarcoating. Seriously as Christians we have a duty to ourselves,fellow men and God to be truthful and not give hypocrisy a chance.


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