Thursday, July 19, 2012

Late Night Brain Dump: Episode Who Cares?

I was just thinking about how one of the reasons i went into medicine was because it was challenging. I like a challenge especially since i get bored easily.
Well, consider me thoroughly challenged. 
 I will not be making the same mistake when picking a specialty. I don't want anymore challenges so i will be going as far away as possible from any field that is going to overly stress me out. 

Naivety is not a good thing. For all you pre-meds out there, the worst thing you can do for yourself is to romanticize and idealize the idea of medicine. I will say no more. 

My spirit is just restless
I almost feel like i'm wasting my life
Like, i'm just existing and not really living. 
Things have to change. 

Got an email today about being one of the 77 errants students who did not update their account with their pager number. I must have missed the memo asking us to do that. Anyhoo, since they gave us 24 hrs to do it (as if they would do anything if 24 hours passes), i logged into my account and lo and behold, what do i see staring at me? 
The school picture we took in April. 
Blood of Jesus! 
Blood of Jesus H. Christ! 
I'm finished. 
To think i'm stuck with that picture for the rest of my med school life. 
They use your school picture EVERYFREAKINGWHERE. 
You don't understand! 
I looked like garri that had soaked and traveled
My heart is just broken. 
No more food for me. 
It's a wrap.


  1. nah u school pic just dey make u cry like this about med school abi?...ahahahahhaha
    By the time u put Dokita by your name, you go forget all the sege your eyes see. now, i know why doctors charge so much! To compensate for the wahala dem go through ...ahahaha.

  2. LOL i just had a very good laugh....sometimes you jus want to wish cameras were a thing of the future
    choose wisely, so that you will find that fulfillment you seek


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