Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm back!

Woo hoo!!!! NOT!

I don use my hand take buy market. I see Nursing, Teacher, Navy, Air force, Housewife, Lawyer, Thief work, i say no. I haf to be Dokita. Ok na. Exam dey look me, i dey look exam. Come rain or sunshine, before August 1st, if i know wetin good for me, i go don write this exam. Gulp!

I know say i say i no go blog until i write the exam, but i haf tire. No be me kill Jesus o.....make una leave me. My friend tell me today say IF i still get bible make i go read this one passage like that. I say hian! So, na me come be certified pagan? Which one be, if i still get bible. I no fit laugh. I get bible o and i dey read am as the spirit leads but if i tell una wey the bible dey now, una go condemn me to hell. But i sure say Jesus no go mind, no be so far i dey read the bible?

I say make i run go Sam's club during my break go buy watermelon today. I don decide say na watermelon i go dey eat make i no go reach 200lbs before i write this exam finish. The one wey person dey siddon 14-15hrs a day, no be to fat go die, i dey find. I reach there na see battle between me and Hawaiian sweet rolls. After 5 minute battle wey i tanda dey look bread, i carry myself waka comot. Abeg, make nobody talk about exercise, i no get power for that one right now. Anyway, after i don go come back, carry the small load wey i buy up three flights of stairs (water, pineapple, banana, strawberry, watermelon, almonds, yogurts plus some other miscellenous items) na so all my body come dey pain me. For that small load?! O chukwu!  E be like say all my muscles don start to atrophy. I go be one fat, bald and atropied muscle woman before i graduate from med school.

I need divine intervention from the most high. Anybody wey say na so so complain, i dey complain about med school. I use jesus take beg you, park well. Allow me to bemoan my bemoanable life. Apparently, na neverending shit fest.


I'm actually in very good spirits as evidenced by this pidgin english post. My crase don dey crase, but dem dey see like that.

If you don't understand pidgin, forgive me. Use this as an opportunity to start learning. All the cool people speak pidgin. Quote me :)

Bye pipu!


  1. All the cool people speak pidgin.. I agree.. At all at all na im bad pass..

  2. lmao. I no know say your pidgin better like so o. Oya chop knuckle. kpele, e go berra.

  3. norin do u- shit fest or not! e don bera, good luck in ur exams

  4. This is funny.... made my afternoon..


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