Saturday, July 21, 2012


The closer it gets to my exam, the harder it is to study. Firstly, i am tayad! Secondly, fear is using me to play ball. I'm just scared. I'm still gathering liver and trying not to think about the enormity of it hence this blog post.

I have a question for you ladies, do you prefer compliments from guys or girls? I started receiving compliments from guys in my very early teens, that by the time i graduated from secondary school, if i guy told me i was pretty, it didn't mean anything to me and i think it has been that way ever since, for the most part. I prefer compliments from females because I think it's more sincere.

The best compliment i received in recent times was on my smile and it wasn't even told to me. I overheard the academic affairs receptionist, an old lady telling my Dean, as i walked away (after saying hi to them) that i had such a beautiful smile :) I loved it!

Then there was my first day at work in the second psych hospital i worked at, and this nurse walks up to me and was like "look at her, she's soooo cute" and had her hands almost touching my face. I was flattered and embarrassed at the same time cos it was almost like she was talking/about a child.

Another favorite - Gas station years ago. A guy walks by me, looks back and says "You are gorgeous" and keeps walking. See bursting of head. All i usually ever get it is pretty and cute, pretty and cute, pretty and cute. I dey forbid to be beautiful?

I just asked Dr. Sushi what she prefers and she says compliments from HER GUY. Girls can go to hell. LOL. She said she prefers girls to hate than to compliment. Why? You will have to ask her yourself.

So what do u guys think? Compliments from the same sex or opposite sex? What's the best compliment you have received?

I just wrote the post to pass time, calm down and flatter my own self. What will i do without this blog?

I'm gonna go read. I feel better.


  1. lol we need to test which camp you belong to o, this one that you prefer compliments from girls :p

    I actually prefer compliments from girls because guys that me I know easily drop compliments but babes ehn!!! the thing dey hard them, especially naija babe. So when a babe compliments you and means it, then for sure, you're def looking off the hook.

    You this fine native doctor wey no wan gree tell me her age *side eye* and the curiousity no gree die for my mind sef.

  2. Ha! Funny, I'm actually weird about compliments... but now that you mention it, I've come to believe that guys drop compliments like water - even if it's honest, I still don't believe it, mostly from Naija guys. Yup, I believe girls more... I know I hardly compliment people so when some random girl compliments me, I walk on air lol.

  3. LOL nice...I like to give compliments to both sex except my siblings..they wont let you rest...

    I get compliment from women and find it awkward sometimes, as for men its hard to tell if they are honest or not

  4. Both, as long as it is sincere.
    Goodluck in your exams.

  5. HAHA It all depends on who is complimenting... It was easy for me to pick the sincere compliments from guys but when it came to the girls...

    Girls have away of using compliments to bully lol... *Ohhh I like..where di you get your shoes *insert evil giggle*


    *Na so life be...

    Best wishes.. God be with you!!

  6. As a lady when another lady compliments u,it means u've tried oooo.


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