Saturday, July 14, 2012

Awwww....... :))

I just randomly decided to go check my mail cos my friend just left my apartment. I don't check my mail everyday, especially not on Saturdays. I opened my mailbox and saw a package and i was like who is sending me stuff AND THEN i smelt it :)

This completely, totally, absolutely made my day. 

HONEYDAME!!! Thank you! You will marry a good husband, have 5 sets of twins, you will go and get that masters, then Phd and i will give you my goddaughter for your nephew for only N21. 

I thot this chic was playing with my food emotions and when she asked for my address and i gave her, i even said, no rush o, take your time and promptly forgot about it, but as soon as i smelt that package today, i was just grinning like a christmas goat. 

I really loved the note but as i no come get abgo jedi jedi, na to rough am na. 
No worry, God is in control. 

Thank you, honey!
I still think u are a ninja, but a good naija ninja. 

Oya, you people should help me tell her thanks. 
I'm going to pay it forward and when i go home for christmas, two lucky readers who live in the US will be getting some chin chin from me. 
I make some bomb ass chin chin, if i say so myself. 


  1. That was so sweet and thoughtful of her.
    Thank you Honeydame!! May Sting's prayers come true for you...

    .....well apart from the 10 kids shaa..

  2. awwwww that was so nice of her
    thanks Honeydame

  3. Awwwwww. That's so sweet!!! Thank you HoneyDame!!!

  4. Honey dame na you big o...So sweet! aunty mi ni yen..lool #famzing

  5. awwwawww....that's no nice....hmmmm, feel like Chin-Chin

  6. Honeydame that's so nice of you. See all the prayers you got. That's real nice but 5 sets of twins? Umm okay. Thank God you checked your mail Dr Sting- that sounds cool- Dr Sting. Enjoy

  7. Awww, this is so cool. Honeydame is so sweet.

  8. Sweetness! Honeydame!!! Oya come & leme hug you. Amen to the prayers for twins :D

  9. haaaa HoneyDame, do you need my address, because i get hungry too.

  10. LOL @ your prayer for HoneyDame and extra LOL @ Ginger's agreement. Honeydame, abeg add your own prayer, specifically for Madame Sting's availability to babysit everytime you need it plus unlimited medical access o. Whether or not the numerous sets of twins are sick.

    That was a a very nice gesture, HoneyDame. God will reward you on Madame Sting's behalf.

  11. see shin shin oooo! lol....thanks Honeydame, madame sting no chop alone oooo

  12. Im still waiting for my Ugwi.. or uhm,mm.. agu.. uhmmm..
    Hmm..I honestly cant remember the name of that nigerian fruit.. Ok..
    Chin Chin will do!


    1. Lol....I still have it. I was too lazy to eat it so I stuck it in my fridge. You might be the lucky winner of my chin chin in dec.


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