Sunday, July 22, 2012


I can't drink caffeine or any of its cousins. Does anyone know of a good snack bar or something of that nature I can get to keep my energy/alertness up? I need it during my wonderful 8 hour long exam. This is kinda urgent so any and all suggestions are welcome.


  1. Don't know of any, but my internet is holding up so just to say hold on and all the best!

  2. Sorry, no help from here.
    Suppose you dey 9ja, i for say make you try akpu :D
    Wish you the best.
    Did you say 8hours long exam?...phew!

  3. Just like Myne. Not so sure of any caffeine free........ But good luck and retentive memory by His grace. All the best luv!

  4. IS it no direct caffeine or none at all... you could try a chocolate energy bar, (chocalte has some caffiene but not alot)
    YOu could try drinks with ginseng, or bananas.. fruits hi in sugar are good.

    Best wishes!!

  5. Lean Muscle Meal: high-protein energy snack bar sold @ ur nearest GNC store. it contains protein, healthy flber n suger...

    Wishing u gud-luck as we all pray 4 u

  6. Try chewing worked for me in school! All the best dear, cant wait to hear ur testimonies of successs


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