Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hairy Beast

I stumbled on this yesterday on someone's tumblr and it made me holler with laughter because it was so unexpected. Ugly people problems? Seriously?!! I hunted down the original tumblr. Funny!!! This is why i insist on fine boys only. I refuse to have ugly kids. Life is hard enough as it is. LOL 

Now this video cracked me up! This old lady actually beat her pastor with the bible. I guess she was trying to beat the devil out of him or something.

Then my brother made me laugh yesterday. He is a pharmacy intern and he said he saw the most gorgeous woman he has ever seen in his life. He was like, she was tall, could be a model and he was thinking to himself as she was walking up how she could get it (his words). Then he starts ringing her meds up and he is thinking to himself as he reads each one, she has this, oh i could live with that, until he gets to acyclovir (for herpes) and there was like a cartoon sound in his head, and he was like No! The way he said it cracked me up. He is such a goose. I told him there are millions of people with herpes these days and he was like yeah, he would rather not.

My friend was just telling me a couple of days ago about our classmate who met this guy and because he said he doesn't like condoms, she started having unprotected sex with him. She was all about what if she gets pregnant and my thing is there are worse things than getting pregnant. What if she gets HIV or herpes? Those are incurable. Why is she not scared? I cannot for the life of me get why people are taking that chance with their lives especially if you are older and should know better. I actually heard that you can get herpes even if you use protection. Don't quote me o. I'm not a doctor yet. This is where you embrace google.

 I found this study yesterday which i thought was interesting. There might be a link between chemical relaxers and fibriods. It kinda makes sense seeing how fibriods are so rampant in blacks. I just read the abstract and it pretty much talks about their findings and how it raises the hypothesis that fibriods might be related to relaxers. Now they have to prove their hypothesis before we can speak decisively on that but it is something to consider and think about. Read the abstract here if you are interested.

Ok guys, i need some honesty and straight talk in my life. Apparently, i am a hairy beast, arms and legs. I can't stand hair on my legs (but that only happened after i came to the states) so i shave like a normal person but my arms are another issue. I shaved them once in 2003 and felt like a plucked chicken and i was like, "society, you get my legs, i will be keeping the hair on my arms". Ain't nobody got time for that. The problem is for the last couple of months, i get really irritated when i see the hair on my arms which is everyday. I just ignore it but it's getting worse. My neigbors arms are as hairy as mine (we compared) and she said she can't be bothered to shave them. Question is, do you guys shave your arms? Is that a "normal" thing to do? I really don't want to start what i can't continue. I just think it's weird to be shaving my arms like a beast that's trying to pass as human.
What do you think? Shave or no shave? Would it bother you to see a chic with such arms?
Break time is over but i think i've forgotten how to study or my brain is just made of cement. I don't know anymore o. I had to call my dad yesterday because i needed a pep talk and it was a good 20 minutes of yelling/encouragement about how if i wasn't smart i wouldn't be in med school. Story! He made some sense about the power of positive speaking and not having a defeatist attitude. O boy eh! Na me find trouble. Maybe i should have just gone and become a native doctor. I bet it's way easier than this mess.


  1. native doctor would have been easier yeah? lol

    i no go lie you, i dont shave my legs or arms and i'd say it is because i'm too lazy to care. anything that'd turn to a must for me i avoid bcos on my 'bad hair days' which is everyoda day these days, i won't do it! and i am hairy too. if i cud find dat laser treatment i'd baptise my body in it....but i like the hair on my body on some days sha.;)or i'm just too lazy to care

  2. Native doctor.......looooool! really?!! lwkmd!!

  3. Native doctor indeed! lol...I think that might even have tougher challenges

  4. I used to shave my legs..cant be bothered anymore. As for arms, i'm not as hairy as you and i have also been tempted by the thought of smooth hairless arms....but the thought of hair growing back thicker and wiry stops me.
    Your bro is funny!! std really no dey show for face!!

  5. As long as they dont look wolverine-esque I say keep the arm hair. shaving will only make it grow back darker, thicker,fuller etc. and isnt grow back itchy?

    Go and face your book now ;-)

  6. I cracked up with your brother's story o, that's just funny, I don't blame him jare, who cares about model looks when herpes is on the plate.

    I don't shave my hands either I was told it'll only grow back thicker if you do, have you thought about hair removing cream though, I use that for my legs, I prefer it to shaving.


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