Friday, April 15, 2011

The White Way


  1. wow i actually agree with him!!..its a new form of slavery. Racism is still very much alive! Its just being practiced in a more discreet way.

  2. sometimes its hard to believe that racism is still amongst us after so many years

  3. Of course racism still exists but I dont think we can call ALL white people racist.

    Agree with kitkat that racism is mre discreet nowadays. However, I have met several white people who have given me professional and personal assistance - often over and beyond what they had to do.

    In my experience, if you expect negativity, you will definitely get it.

    Give out love, if one intended receiver throws it back in your face, it's their loss. However, if another gives you love back, you have gained another friend.

  4. here for the comments to know what it is about since it took 'forever' for the video to play! ...........................................................................okkkkk, just read the comments and realized it's on racism.

  5. I stopped at about 3 minutes because as a American (made with Nigerian parts lol) none of this is news to me in the least.
    How discreet racism is depends on where you go/live. In New York, LA, Miami, etc yeah you're probably not gonna hear anything too crazy. But go to Mississippi, Virgina, or Mobile Alabama and i guarantee you its a whole different story.

    SN: This dude actually makes decent videos and often has good insight, i just wish her weren't so abrasive. *shrugs shoulders*

  6. Racism is not confined to skin color. Black people can also be racist oo. So can Arabs, asians....everyone.

    I find that usually, non-white racism is overlooked, bcos of the history of white racism. i thing neither is ok.


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