Tuesday, April 12, 2011

STD certificate

In this day and age of HIV/AIDS and other diseases, I think people need to have an STD certificate aka certified disease free. When i first mentioned it to my friend sometime last year, she said i was crazy. I say i am not. Dem dey write am for forehead? We all know unprotected sex still goes on, if you doubt me ask Tubaba. So instead of indulging in your 5 secs or 5 minutes of misguided pleasure then agonizing over it for 6 months (it takes 3-6 months to show up if you have HIV) whether you are clean or not, wouldn't it make your life a whole lot easier if you guys had examined each others STD certificates before swapping bodily fluids.

On the real though, i am very passionate about HIV awareness and prevention. It's sad how this easily preventable disease has become an epidemic that is continuing to spread. African-American females continue to have the highest new infection rates in America. Why? HIV is not the death sentence it used to be, but wouldn't life just be a little easier if you didn't have that to worry about? I understand that there might be extenuating circumstances, for example wives with cheating husbands and vice versa (sorry, especially wives with cheating husbands)

So you been married to this dude for 100 years or whatever, you know he's cheating, how do you insist that he uses protection? I'm not asking this question for myself cos best believe that i have a mouth (a very loud one at that) and i'm not afraid to use it. Thank you Jesus. I asking for the millions of "unempowered" women in Nigeria and other third world countries, or women in relationships even in America where they don't have a voice. How can you protect yourself? I think this is a huge problem. Lots of orphans exist as  a result of husband infecting their wives with this disease, women unable to protect themselves even within the "sanctity" of marriage. Sadness.

Do you a married person with a cheating spouse out of fear remain silent, don't do anything to protect yourself, take your chances and pray that God protects you? Didn't someone say heaven helps those who helps themselves?

Back to my STD certificate proposal, all jokes aside, i think it's a good idea that people should always have "the talk" to ascertain disease status, because you really can't tell from looking and not everyone will be comfortable enough to want to share that information with you. I understand that things happen but we should try to always be safe cos i don't think sex no matter how good is worth catching any disease for whether is syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV etc etc

Cheating people stop being bitches and protect your spouses/partners by protecting yourselves.....Madame Sting

That's my PSA for today.

I wrote this during my spring break. Here are the issues i really want to discuss
  1. Why are people afraid to talk about HIV/AIDS? I already know i'm going to get the least amount of comments on this post, like i did on my World AIDS day post in Dec. 
  2. How do women in relationships (married or otherwise) protect themselves from their partners? 
  3. How do we ensure that we don't fall into the trap of judging someone based on how healthy they look and sleeping with them before ascertaining their HIV status. I don't mean, just asking them. Some people don't know their HIV status. I personally think the best way is going to get tested together, but how many people take the time to do that ?
  4. How do we get people stop being afraid and get tested? I was talking to a friend last year about it and he looked at me like i was crazy when i suggested he got tested. He was like he almost died from fear when he had to go do a blood test to get his visa to canada and he's not putting himself through that. 
My point is as much as we "know" about this disease, the infection rates keep climbing, ESPECIALLY in AFRICA. Why????????

*The idea of an STD certificate is a JOKE. I was being facetious. I am aware that it's not feasible. I think the best way is to go with your partner to go get tested. Always use protection (unless u r married, trust ur husband/wife). For the people who have casual sex, i can't help you. Condoms are not 100% effective, so be wise.

To the married pple with cheating spouses......protect yourself. Closing your eyes and praying he doesn't catch anything and give to you is not going to help you.


  1. lol why did u mention Tuface naw..does he have std :/
    omg it would be so awful to get HIV from a cheating spouse, gosh i'll kill him if that happens. That's why i always say women shld leave their cheating partners ASAP!..cos jst like women-beaters, once you're a cheat, u'll always be a cheat.

  2. The tuface reference was to the fact that he keeps scoring goals with different ladies, which leads me to believe he doesn't use protection.....scary thought. Maybe he has seen their STD certificate, who knows :) If not, it's not worth the risk.

  3. You read my mind. Kissing saf aint safe o... Before you get to the point where we have to decide... the certificate must be produced... or you make a date of getting tested together. VERY NECESSARY!

  4. I'm on the fence with regards to the STD certification because

    - Knowing people, they could probably forge it OR
    - It may make people complacent about the fact that protection is still needed (especially in the early stages of a relationship)OR
    - The certificate is no guarantee that a the bearer is not 'incubating' a disease that has not been detected yet
    (BTW How long does it take the HIV virus to stay in the human body before manifesting ?)

    Ahhh...The joys of being an adult!!! *sigh*

  5. I agree with Naijamum, people would probably forge it. Especially, i'm sorry to say here in Naija. Also, for it to be as close to accurate as possible it would probably need to be renewed every few months.

    God help us.

  6. I had to laugh as i read on; STD certificate?...hope you took forgery into consideration sha becox it can be purchased at the popular Owole market.

    A married woman who knows her hubby chase anything in skirts do use CD..this is to pass a message to him..like putting it inside his luggage whenever he travels... drums it into his ear anytime she gets the chance...but as in a typical 9ja way, we resort to prayer.

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  8. ...as much as i dont believe in unprotected sex outside marriage....(as much as i also know sex outside marriage is not right)..i always insist d boyfriend and i go for the HIV/STD test together....the 7mins wait type....not so much of a big deal when u are sure of urself i think...
    Hopefully....it will operate dat way in my marriage....prayer ko prayer ni....and carry another person wahala for head.....Abegi..i cant shout oh!

  9. i dont think STD certificate is a stupid idea at all, but prolly not going to happen. its each ones job to watch out for themselves unfortunately. im too brain drained to answer allt he questions and on time constraint since im not allowed to be taking this 'break' - but very interesting questions and im glad ur putting it on the agenda. I wish I coudl blog as much as u do, u lil fireball!

  10. There's a movie called Intersextions on Youtube, and it's narrated by HIV. I think it's a must watch for everyone, especially those that like to bury their head in the sand. Nice post.

  11. Interesting topic generally.
    Nice input/recommendations Ibhade.
    I think the bottom-line question here is: “can we fully trust humans?”
    Unfortunately for some people like me who strongly subscribe to the theory of “for better for worst” my only advise is “love with you heart and act with your head.”
    Life is not black and white…. So watch you back n do d right thing.

  12. People are afraid to talk about HIV in NIgeria because like every other sensitive topic, they'd prefer to keep it mum or swept under the carpet which is a shame as ignorance is not bliss. We'd rather not make ourselves uneasy or feel awkward. *sigh*
    For married people and sexually active couples, I think it's best to just have periodic checks together to avoid any awkwardness.
    I think doing a HIV test is something everyone will always feel anxious about because it's not only transmitted through sex. You start thinking "when I had a hair cut and got hurt with the clipper; needles, blah blah blah". Your mind keeps spinning at the prospect of being positive. Ive done the test 3 times and waiting for the results were death sentences on their own

  13. Lol! A friend and i were talking about this. this should actually be one of the first questions we ask someone we're about to get into a relationship with. As for making people not afraid, i think that's impossible, as long as there is no cure.

    Kitkat, honestly oh- cheating is not good for health, both emotionally and physically


  14. First off i have to say you guilt tripped me into commenting by saying you know this post will have the least amount of comments.

    The Tubaba reference is quite apt because the both STDs and pregnancy share a common risk factor i.e unprotected sex.

    The issue of HIV/AIDS is one that saddens me as well. I'm a huge advocate for educating women about health issues so they can better protect themselves.
    HIV is not a joke. As for people who still go around having unprotected sex in this day and age, i really have nothing to say to them.

    The idea of a HIV certificate is not bad at all. It would shock you how many people out there are unwilling to get tested, doctors included.

  15. Interesting post!
    i always thought that the gospel of HIV spread has been preached and widely accepted until I heard of a married man that impregnated 3 dirty naive girls in the same neighborhood.

    STD certificate? forget about such in 9ja. Even the recent electronic voters card with finger print did not survive faking (except in voting)sorry!

    Cheating husbands/wives! hmm! may God help the faithful ones and keep them protected. As for Tuf***, he will need to declare his status publicly just as his evidences are public.

  16. beautiful post! no beating about the bush! I bought into the getting tested thing so much that I started getting tested every other month....I didnt realize what message I was sending across until someone asked me wats up? LOL

    Noice post Sting!

  17. I got tested some months back and deciding to practise what I preach I put it up as my fb status update. I am happy to say I have friends who it inspired to go check themselves out. Those are the things we can do to help.

    But girl, that your STD certificate title was what brought me here. For me, not just STD cert, I have been advocating sperm count sef before marriage!!
    For those who say people will forge it..haba.. just to sleep with your girl that you love or like? The time and effort it takes to do that you might as well check and treat yourself. I don't think it is worth the effort of the forgery. Hopefully guys are more selfish than we think.

  18. I concur. Before exchanging body fluids both parties should go for tests and submit up-to-date results to each other.

  19. sory oo but my thot goes to what happens when they both get the all clear...lol theyll be all over themselves like dogs hehehe just had to say it

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